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  • The Art of Selection: What Our Shops Take


    When you walk into any of our pawnshops, you’ll immediately see a variety of items that are featured in the stores.  Electronics, jewelry, tools, musical instruments, and DVDs make up the bulk of what is sold in the shops, but what exactly will our stores accept as collateral for a pawn loan?


    From autographed World Series jerseys to aquariums, our pawnbrokers will take almost anything of value from loyal customers who are truly in need and have built up a solid history with the company. We see a lot of unique items come through the store, —even a piece for a rocket engine—and that is exactly what makes the pawn industry so exciting. Every day is like a box of chocolates for our pawnbrokers, they never know what they’re going to get! Customers are always returning to our shops looking for interesting treasures that they may not find at other retailers. The beauty of our company is that we are able to take in unique objects so that our customers are able to receive the financial help they need.


    While it’s true that our shops are stocked with a variety of interesting items, you will not find us knowingly accepting or selling stolen goods. We make it our top priority to make sure that our customers are selling with integrity and buying with confidence. We have the tools and processes in place to test all incoming items and, of course, everything we sell comes with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.


    A pawnshop can be a retail treasure chest! Head to one of our nearest shops to see what you can find!

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  • Meet the New Class


    Cash America Blog Back to School

    So here we are, Back to School Days are just around the corner, why not make it a little more fun this year for your own kiddos? After all, they are already dreading the early mornings and YOU already fear your empty wallet.


    You already know you may be raising tomorrow's top global thinker, award-winning journalist or rock star, but they need the supplies to get them there. You have the lists ready to go, but those big-ticket items are especially daunting this year. 


    Cash America Blog Back to School

    Got a college-bound student? Bring your bargain hunting list to us and perhaps even some items to sell, and we’ll help you get the whole list checked off... laptop, mini fridge, calculator, radio, TV and a couple of Xbox™ games! You could even pick up an iPod®! Why not?


    No matter the age, we have back-to-school items to help any family meet their child’s needs. At Cash America we value education and wish all students a safe and happy school year.


    Cash America also offers low rates on cash advances and auto equity loans to make going back to school a breeze. I know you’re still going to have the battle over bedtimes and all-out war over getting them up in the morning, but just remember tomorrow’s destiny awaits!


    If you need extra cash for Back to School, visit one of our locations. Click here to find one near you!

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  • Spice of Life: Exploring N’awlins


    Bourbon Street

    Begin with zydeco, jazz and some tangy blues, toss in some colorful beads and a dash of spicy Cajun culture and you have the city of New Orleans. The Big Easy has always attracted a melting pot of people with special interests in high-impact flavor. With magnificent neighborhood restaurants, cocktails and well, Bourbon Street, you can’t help but be tantalized.


    New Orleans Style Beignet

    Although there are museums, gardens and beautiful plazas scattered throughout the city, The French Quarter alone hosts an abundance of must-sees. They include the site of the Louisiana Purchase, Voodoo houses, vampire tours and Saint Louis Cathedral, the oldest active cathedral in the country. But don’t forget, The French Market, the oldest U.S. marketplace, also home to this beignet-lover’s favorite 24/7 stop, Café du Monde.


    The devastation of Hurricane Katrina in 2005 left the historic city stunned, displacing one million of its residents. But today, the heart of New Orleans beats as strong as ever. From the amazing diehard Saints and Hornets fans to the artisans and the vibrant music community, New Orleans is better than ever and as spicy as you like it.


    Mardi Gras

    For the Cash America family, the New Orleans area has a strong presence with four shops in the city, three in nearby Baton Rouge and one in Metairie, Harvey, Algiers, LaPlace, Marrero, Lafayette and Lake Charles.


    New Orleans Jazz

    Our Louisiana market is a particularly interesting hot spot, because the inventory reflects the local flavor. Many of the shops boast native musical instruments that are hard to find or sell in any other area. Local paintings and Louisiana-style objects d’art also have a strong and beautiful presence in our shops. You just can’t pick up these finds anywhere in the country. Our stores are a treasure chest for buyers and sellers alike. Time for a road trip?

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  • Meet the Market: Seattle


    Cash America Blog Seattle Washington

    When Seattle, Washington comes to mind, you may think of characteristics such as rain, overcast skies, the Space Needle or even your favorite Starbucks drink since the famous coffee shop started in the “Emerald City.” Surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, mountains and forests, Seattle represents the best of both worlds— the beauty of nature along with the attitude of an urban center.


    Cash America is proud to be present in the Pacific Northwest in great cities such as Seattle. Our SuperPawn stores have been good neighbors to communities in the greater Seattle area for years. And when it came to talk of expanding, we didn’t think twice about acquiring 29 new Pawn X-change stores in the region last year to better serve Washington’s residents.


    Cash America Blog Seattle Washington

    Although Seattle is a unique place, the philosophy practiced in the region’s shops mirror the exact same world-class service that all other Cash America stores offer throughout the country. We always strive to find better ways serve our customers. What is so distinctive about our Seattle shops is that they pawn and sell more musical instruments than in other areas due to the city’s rich musical heritage. Rock sensations such as Nirvana and Pearl Jam both began their careers in Seattle. It’s known to many as “the “birth place of grunge rock,” so it is no surprise that several aspiring musicians have made this city their home.


    The landscape, musical orientation, and wonderful attitude make Seattle an excellent city and Cash America is pleased to extend a helping hand to its residents.

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  • A Vision Realized

    The History of Cash America


    A clean, well-lit, friendly, customer-oriented place for folks to get short-term loans stirred the imagination of Cash America’s founder Jack Daugherty.


    Until then, the perception of pawnshops mimicked the old Hollywood image. People envisioned a dark, smoke-filled room with cranky old men setting arbitrary prices for precious belongings. But Jack didn’t want that.


    “Pawnshop customers were not used to being treated well,” he said. “I chose to treat them with respect, making sure they felt valued and ensuring that they had a good experience.”


    It all began in one little pawnshop in Irving, Texas. The year was 1984. And 27 years later, that attitude remains the same.  The new kind of pawn business Jack started has revolutionized the industry and now includes more than 1,000 lending locations for Cash America.


    First pawnshop in Irving, TX

    As a company, we also branched out from U.S.-based pawn and cash advance operations with locations in Mexico and a robust online lending business that reaches hard-working folks in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and the U.S.


    But our Cash America coworkers are always looking for ways to encourage customers to visit our stores and develop new financial products to those who find themselves in need.


    For the last couple of years, we’ve been rolling out more options that include installment loans, auto equity loans, tax filing services and pre-paid debit cards.


    As technology evolves, we’ve embraced it with a new point-of-sale system that is more efficient and allows stores to work together more easily. It is also more flexible and can be changed as the industry changes.


    This year, we launched our social media initiatives to reach new customers online through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and this blog.


    Cash America (NYSE:CSH) is now one of the largest operators of pawnshops in the world with more than $1 billion in total revenue annually. It didn’t happen overnight, but it started with a vision from a man with a very basic concept, “We welcome people in with a good attitude,” Daugherty said. “That’s the key—customer service.”

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  • Show Us Your Stuff!


    Come across a one-of-a-kind item at your local Cash America? How about a laptop computer, designer handbag, electric guitar or diamond ring that you’d love to brag about? Well, then, show us your stuff!


    Cash America Blog Show Us Your Stuff Campaign

    Visit us on Facebook and share a photo of a favorite item you’ve previously purchased, prior to July 5, at Cash America or our affiliates for a chance to win a $25 Visa gift card.


    Each day, we’ll pick a new winner, so you’ll have up to 25 chances to win.


    So, show your latest gear to the world, and add some cash to your pocket!


    See our contest rules and enter to win.


    Oh, and feel free to spread the wealth: invite your friends to join us on Facebook too! 

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  • Celebrate Your Freedom!


    By Marq, Market Manager


    Kick off your 4th with a declaration of intent ... the intent to forge financial independence this year. The freedom to create your own future is about as American as you can get, right? But with balances abounding, wrecked portfolios and that safety net you need to rebuild, it’s a daunting task to plan ahead. Have no fear, when taken step-by-step the payoff is fireworks-worthy!


    First, you need a plan of action. Try these 6 steps:


    Step 1:

    Write down where you are financially and where you want to be, i.e. I have 16k in credit card debt and ultimately, I want enough money to pay my monthly bills, zero balance on my cards and take a family vacation.


    Step 2:

    Now, create a time frame in which you want to reach these goals. Determine what needs to happen first, and then set short-term goals in the interim. Reaching those small goals will keep you motivated toward the grand finale!


    Step 3:

    Remember, you must know where your money is going to change the outflow.  Write down a plan and create a monthly spreadsheet of expenses. Where can you reallocate into savings or paying down debt? Also on your spreadsheet, make note of all the interest rates on your outstanding credit cards.


    Step 4:

    Don't sweat the basics! You have two kids in school, an aging family member and a fridge on its last legs. The goal is to free yourself from fiscal pain, not beat yourself up.    Put your finances on track and commit yourself to financial success, you will feel relieved in the long run.


    Step 5:

    True independence is balancing your present-day needs and tomorrow’s wants! A big part of financial freedom is accepting that the unexpected in life is certainly to be expected. Your emergency fund should constitute 6 months of living expenses for your family.


    Step 6:

    Now that you’re on the path to recovering today, take time to look toward saving money through either a bank or credit union savings account, a pre-paid debit card savings account or possibly look toward contributing  to personal or company provided retirement plans.


    Financial freedom can be liberating, so start today!

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  • Getting to Know You: Cashland


    Q&A with Market Manager, Belinda


    Q. What would you tell someone about Cashland who is new to our business?

    Newly remodeled
    Cashland store

    A. It can really be a one-stop shop for all your needs! I love that we have a variety of products to offer our customers from short-term loans to pre-paid debit cards to gold buying. We have started converting some of our cash advance stores to pawnshops—reselling the jewelry and small electronics that we take in. We are able to serve the needs of those who may have limited financial options. If your car breaks down and you need some money to get it fixed so you can get to work, you can come in and get a short term loan in amounts of $100-$1200. What bank will let you borrow that for a couple of weeks with a minimal fee? If someone doesn't have a checking account, they more than likely have a piece of jewelry or TV at home that they could also bring in to loan on. Pawn loans are month-long loans based on the value of the item. In this economy, with banks tightening credit, it is harder and harder to get these small amounts of credit.


    Q. Explain the conversions to pawn and their progress.

    Chamber welcomes Cashland
    to the neighborhood

    A. Last year, we converted 11 cash advance stores to accommodate pawn lending. It was so exciting! They went so well that this year we are converting another 25. We are a quarter of the way through those and will convert more next year. Basically, the store goes through a remodel to add a sales floor to display the merchandise. Customers can find great deals on jewelry, electronics, tools and much more!


    Q. What is the overall sentiment about the conversions and new product offerings?

    Jewelry, musical instruments
    and much more

    A. It took some getting used to, but every employee loves the conversions and better yet, we’ve seen new customers come through our doors. We offer layaway, which not many retailers offer. Our first Christmas season was so cool! It was great to see how our new products and services were able to help out our customers. In addition to our layaway program, we also offer a 30-day money back guarantee, so for someone who has never bought merchandise from a pawnshop, they can feel confident in their purchase.


    Q. What has been your most rewarding experience with Cashland?

    A. I have been with Cashland for seven years now so it's hard to narrow it down to just one. I can say though that my favorite experiences are when someone who has never used our services before can get what they need to help them with whatever it was that came up in their life. People are nervous because they don't know what to expect and I love that they leave feeling better. I hear all of the time, "Thank you so much for helping me!” As a market manager who oversees about 10 shops, I also love that I hire and work with some great people. I hope that they all can learn something from me and the company that they can use in life.

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  • A Beautiful Friendship: Meet Enova Financial


    At Cash America, we always have our eyes open for innovative financial services that can truly make a difference to our customers’ quality of life. That’s why in 2006, we acquired a young, Chicago-based breakthrough company named CashNetUSA which was rebranded as Enova Financial in 2009.


    We shared a belief that everyone should have access to simple and trustworthy financial services, regardless of credit history. Enova Financial is dedicated to providing convenient and licensed financial services that allow customers to solve their financial needs responsibly.


    The Enova Financial family fosters the vision of making positive contributions in the communities they serve. That’s why they strive every day – both as a company and as individuals – to inspire change. Their causes are both global and local, ranging from building schools and supporting literacy in Mali, Africa, to working with inner-city children right in their hometown of Chicago.


    The Cash America partnership has afforded Enova Financial the resources to expand its innovative services to more than one million consumers. The talented team’s devotion to providing convenient lending solutions to those with limited financial options has resonated with underserved consumers across the U.S., the UK, Australia and Canada, under the brand names CashNetUSA, QuickQuid and Dollars Direct.


    Enova Financial continually strives to provide convenient and reliable services by using the most innovative technology available. Supported by a proprietary credit model, extensive marketing relationships and state-of-the-art technology, they have the unique tools that allow the team to address each customer’s individualized needs.


    We are proud to have Enova Financial dedicated to finding new ways to serve consumers and to share the primary goal of offering new opportunities to our customers, coworkers and the communities we serve.

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  • Ways To Wow Dad This Father's Day


    By David, Market Manager


    If you're anything like me, you’ve hurled hundreds of curve balls at your father over the years. And you’ve been afforded few opportunities to thank Dad for catching most of them like an absolute pro. So this year I'm skipping the World's Greatest Dad mug and opting for something a little more "him."


    After all, he is the one who gave me a deep appreciation for great food, a fondness for music and my first bicycle. Here are just a few ideas on how to spoil Dad on June 19!


    • Update his grill. Can you imagine the smile for this one, plus, you get to reap some of the tasty rewards!


    • Fishing gear – even a traditionalist likes to have new toys to enhance his love of the sport.


    • Shiny and beautiful golf clubs will help Dad improve his game.


    • A fine watch will remind him of you at a moment's notice.


    • Um, hello … a bigger television.


    • Power tools, all Dads love projects—this is just a no-brainer.


    • A DVD player, just assure Dad that they do indeed make his favorite Westerns on DVD.


    • A computer, because Dad's pretty crafty and it won't be long until you get an email from him about the "proper" way to change a tire.


    Come in and find one of my ideas or an idea of your own to thank Dad for being Dad. 

    Happy Father’s Day from Cash America!

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  • Shopping at Home with eBay and Craigslist

    By Jason, Market Manager


    Cash America has gone digital, and the trend is really catching on as people discover how easy and convenient it is to shop online.


    Looking to buy a power tool, but don’t have time to shop around? Or you’ve heard that Cash America has great deals, but you’ve never shopped at a pawnshop. Shopping online is a good way to check out prices and find out what a pawnshop is all about: excellent products, great prices and super customer service. Simply go to your computer and visit Craigslist.org, and include "Cash America Pawn" in your search, or visit our eBay auction site at eBay.com . You can browse what we have to offer, compare our deals to others, and get just what you want.


    For example, on Craigslist in 2010, 279 of our pawnshops across the country sold 5,940 items. On Craigslist, electronics like TVs, iPods and game systems are the most popular items. Tools ran a close second. Our shops have a huge variety of tools in stock – everything from power drills to table saws, lawn equipment and hammers.


    While you have to come to the store to pick up an item purchased on Craigslist, it shouldn’t be too much trouble as there are hundreds of Cash America shops participating. And we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on all our merchandise so you can be sure everything is working properly and in good condition.


    As for eBay, 74 stores in Texas are posting merchandise currently, but a total of 100 stores will be participating by mid-summer. Out of the 1,119 items sold, musical instruments, such as guitars and keyboards, were the most popular! And you don’t have to live near one of our shops when you purchase an item on eBay – we’ll ship it to you.


    So log on, look at our quality merchandise at great prices, and enjoy the convenience of shopping online!

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  • Faulty Perception "Krafted" In Commercials

    By Daniel R. Feehan, President & CEO


    CEO responds to Kraft TV ad

    We live in a time when companies across the U.S. spend billions of dollars each year in advertising to sell products and ideas. At Cash America, we can appreciate innovative marketing, but we feel one commercial has crossed the line from innovative to inappropriate.


    Kraft Foods is currently airing a new TV commercial for its Macaroni & Cheese product that is offensive and inaccurately depicts pawnshops.


    Kraft Macaroni & Cheese
    TV Commercial: "Pawn Shop"

    Perhaps you’ve seen it. A young girl steals her father’s golf clubs and attempts to pawn them. The pawnshop she enters appears dark, seedy and the pawnbroker lacks integrity. We understand the need to be creative in a competitive marketplace, but doing so at the expense of another industry’s reputation is distasteful.


    Over the past 25 years, our company and other reputable pawn lenders have worked tirelessly to dispel myths portrayed in the old Hollywood image of pawnshops. Today’s pawnshops are modern, bright and welcoming places to do business. We believe in providing a safe and enjoyable experience for our customers who must be at least 18 years old (not children, as depicted in Kraft’s commercial).


    As a heavily regulated industry, pawnshops don’t knowingly accept stolen merchandise. In fact, less than one percent of the items we accept in our shops is reportedly stolen. We work closely with law enforcement across the country, and we’ve developed programs and procedures to help prevent and solve property crimes.


    Like Kraft Foods, the pawn industry employs and serves millions of hardworking people in the U.S. and abroad. From world-class customer service to property crime prevention, safety initiatives and corporate citizenship programs, we are committed to the communities we serve and the residents who live there. The commercial, which pokes fun at our business, negates the improvements we’ve made over the years. And we don’t find that very funny.


    For more information about our industry, click here.

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  • Honoring our Military Heroes


    Cash America coworkers
    eagerly await the troops

    Each and every day, DFW International Airport acts as a bustling hub for members of the United States military. Hundreds of service men and women arrive daily for two weeks of rest and recuperation (R&R). Regardless of where their final destinations are, the Dallas/Fort Worth community makes their homecoming unforgettable.


    In an effort to assist members of the armed forces on their journeys home, the United Services Organization (USO) developed the “Welcome Home a Hero” program. Since November 2004, DFW Airport has assisted thousands of military men and women. Members of the community are also invited to greet the arriving troops, continuing and expanding this wonderful tradition.


    As a company dedicated to honoring and assisting our service men and women, Cash America created the DFW Ambassador’s Program – or Military Meet & Greet– an initiative designed to support those who risk their lives for our freedom and encourage coworker volunteerism.


    Troops arrive at
    DFW Airport

    Every third Friday of the month, Cash America coworkers, from all over the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, head to the DFW Airport to welcome home the U.S. troops. At the airport, Cash America coworkers are armed with hundreds of goody bags filled with treats and thank you cards to be handed to the soldiers who are heading home. “We ought to treat them as what they really are," said Bill Horne, Cash America senior vice president. "They are protectors of our way of life and they are to be viewed that way."


    Over the years, hundreds of Cash America coworkers have had the chance to participate in the Military Meet & Greet at DFW Airport. "It was great to see Cash America as one of the dominant groups out there, there are other groups, but Cash America is one of the dominant groups and that did my heart well,” said Horne who often volunteers to greet the troops. It’s a profound experience and a unique opportunity to personally thank and encourage military personnel for their sacrifice and service to our great nation.


    Our coworkers pass
    out goody bags

    This Saturday, in honor of Armed Forces Day, take a moment to remember our troops. Their courage, patriotism and sacrifice ensure our peace and freedom.

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  • Get Caught Reading!


    Get Caught Reading month is a national campaign to promote the joys of recreational reading for booklovers of all ages. Supported by the Association of American Publishers, this campaign sheds light on the importance of literacy and the positives that can result from strong reading skills.


    Winning class of the
    TCU Reading Challenge

    At Cash America, we encourage reading and believe that strong literacy skills contribute to happier, healthier and more positive life experiences.  Since 2006, Cash America has served as the title sponsor of the Texas Christian University (TCU) SuperFrog Reading Challenge – a 30-day contest that encourages elementary students in grades three through five to read within the Fort Worth Independent School District. In 2010, we expanded the program to also include the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) and elementary students from the Clark County School District.


    UNLV mascot, Hey Reb,
    pumps up the crowd

    Members of the TCU and UNLV athletic departments and Cash America coworkers attend elementary school assemblies to kick off the exciting month-long contest. SuperFrog and Hey Reb, the energetic mascots, are known to make appearances to get the kids fired up! At the exciting assemblies, kids listen to athletes talk about how important reading is as college students and they also have the opportunity to win prizes.


    Kids eager to win
    prizes at kick-off assembly

    After a month of tracking, two students from each school and a handful of classes from the districts are deemed the winners. Each student receives a winner packet including a backpack, t-shirt, bookmark and two tickets to either a TCU or UNLV football, basketball or baseball game! At the sporting events, the winning classes receive special recognition where their picture is displayed for all on the JumboTrons.


    Cash America’s corporate giving centers on children and creating a better world for them and their families. We believe that reading is the key that unlocks the door to a brighter future. So pick up your favorite book and get caught reading!


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  • Because SuperMoms don’t always get to wear a cape!


    By Tina, Market Manager

    Although we may forget, Moms are human, too! Just like us, they have the same hours in the day, experience the same feelings and are faced with daily challenges. They’re just pros at making things look easy. Okay, they’re also equipped with superpowers in the fields of advice giving, seeking the bright side of every situation and being warmhearted.


    This Mother’s Day is the perfect time to recognize just what your SuperMom deserves with some unexpected presents of mind...


    Because you have so much to thank her for! Pick up a new edition of that favorite childhood book that she used to read you. Instead of a bookmark, use a new necklace or bracelet to mark your favorite page. If you’d rather give her a ring, simply tie it to the end of red ribbon as your bookmark. It’s nostalgic and you really can’t go wrong with jewelry.


    Because she knows so many things you don’t, like the cure for hiccups or how to make you feel better when you have a cold. Time to bring her comfort in this techie age! Buy her an MP3 player and load it with her favorite tunes or, upload her computer with a screensaver of photos from a favorite family vacation. She may also enjoy a digital camera or a photo printer. That way she can document the special memories all on her own!


    Because no one entertains, like Mom! Give her some items like a stereo or flat screen television, great for entertaining family and friends, or even gardening tools to keep the yard colorful and inviting for all to see!


    Whatever gift you decide, this year, make Mother’s Day truly special by taking the opportunity to tell her just how much you appreciate everything she has done for you. You can never go wrong with a heartfelt thank you and a hug.

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  • Repairing Your Credit

    Repairing a damaged credit score may seem like a lonely, uphill battle. The truth is, you’re not alone. Millions of Americans have a history that makes getting credit nearly impossible. Although you may feel like your score may never improve despite your hardest efforts, there are a few steps you can take to give your lackluster score a makeover.


    Here are five tips to help you improve your financial standing. After all, the better your credit score, the lower your interest rates and the easier loans, like home mortgages, are to get.


    Cash America Blog Repairing Your Credit

    Tip 1

    First, become aware of how often you are using your credit cards. Try to limit your monthly spending to less than 25 percent of the card’s limit. Focus on widening the gap between balance and limit; it helps lenders feel secure about your ability to repay.


    Tip 2

    Next, find out where you stand. Request your reports from the three big bureaus. Dispute any incorrect information; give special attention to late payments and collections. You will be surprised at how successful you can be, especially with older or smaller accounts. Also, forego applying for new credit for a while; too many applications can have a negative impact on your score.


    Cash America Blog Repairing Your Credit

    Tip 3

    Your payment history accounts for more than one third of your total credit score, so making those neglected accounts healthy will have a huge impact. When you must charge, use an old card. The older your history the better and you’ll keep those older and inactive accounts from falling off the radar.


    Tip 4

    Speaking of history, if you’ve been a good customer, don’t be afraid to submit a written request for a goodwill adjustment. This may result in nothing, but you may get a late payment erased and that’s worth your time.


    Cash America Blog Repairing Your Credit

    Tip 5

    Lastly, and I know most off-putting, call your creditors. Many of them have programs that will reduce your payments.


    Remember, your history wasn’t made overnight and it won’t be solved overnight. Set small goals along the way and be proud of every accomplishment.


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  • Saving Made Easy


    Saving, in times like these, may seem impossible. We are so focused on getting through today that we’re unable to see how important it is to save for tomorrow. Although saving can be challenging when under financial stress, there are a few small ways to save that can have a big impact on your budget. In honor of National Financial Literacy Month, try a few of these saving tips and track your results!


    Shop and Save

    Before heading to the grocery store, make a list, gather coupons and eat something. It is easy to overspend at the grocery store if you go on an empty stomach and without a clear list of what you need. Also, try to choose the generic items over the ever-popular name brands. It’s a simple choice that pays off at the checkout counter!


    Go Green and Save

    Be eco-friendly while being eco-nomically savvy. Turn off the lights and TV when you leave the room and adjust the thermostat to a reasonable temperature on your way out of the house.  Regulate your water usage by taking shorter showers and increasing the amount of clothes in each laundry load. These are small changes that can equal big savings if done on a daily basis.


    Ride and Save

    With oil prices on the rise, drivers are spending their cash every time they hit the gas. Consider carpooling with a coworker or using public transportation a couple of times a week to decrease the miles put on your car and increase your savings.


    Dine In and Save

    Although daily lunching with coworkers is a great way to network, you can easily spend a small fortune by dining out five days a week. Instead of restaurant hopping Monday through Friday, brown-bag it two or three times a week and save your hard-earned cash. Eating out will then be a treat instead of an expensive routine.


    Setting financial goals is important and saving is the key to reaching them. You are in control of your financial well-being and by making a few simple lifestyle changes you can save your way to financial success.

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  • Financial Literacy Month

    By David Clay, SVP of Finance


    While April is National Financial Literacy month, for Cash America, every month is another opportunity to promote and encourage financial literacy. Cash America has a history of helping hard-working Americans meet their financial needs so they can achieve their dreams. One way in which we help meet those needs is providing financial literacy through a variety of programs we sponsor.


    Students at Arlington High School learn about how to achieve financial success
    Students at Arlington High School in
    Texas learn how to achieve financial success

    For example, we sponsor the First Command Financial Education curriculum for high school students. Students in Texas can select classes at their high schools from a range of financial topics, such as balancing a checkbook, how to save, loans and insurance. We began supporting the project with First Command in a pilot program in 2009. Last year, we worked with the Consumer Service Association of Texas to donate funds to help pay for the program’s curriculum.


    Individuals learn financial tips with
    our coworkers in Chicago, IL

    We have also partnered with the Consumer Financial Services Association of America (CFSA) to teach classes to Arlington High School students.


    But this kind of financial literacy information isn’t only available to students. We also provide easy-to-use budgeting tools and tips for saving money on our website. Our tips include five steps to financial success:


    >Track your daily expenses

    >Create a budget and stick to it

    >Trim your living expenses

    >Consider a part-time or weekend job to catch up on your bills

      >Consider converting unused and excess assets to cash.


      Click here to see a budget worksheet and helpful hints on how to cut back on expenses. The tips include a wide range of ways to save in your daily life, such as meals and grocery bills, recreational expenses and transportation costs. Establishing and maintaining healthy financial habits is an important component of life and will help you reach your goals in the future.

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    • We Have Fun


      First place winner,
      Walt Arnett

      At Cash America, we have fun. In fact, enjoying our work and coworkers is so important to us, we’ve made it official. “We Have Fun” is one of our core values.


      In keeping with our passion for fun, we recently held a special Facebook contest for Cash America customers. Entrants to the Cash America Cash Rap Contest submitted their own Cash Rap videos about what they love most about Cash America – from low-price TVs and game consoles, to sparkling gold and diamonds, to quick and easy loans. Rappers vied for the Grand Prize of $10,000 and other great prizes like a 55” HDTV or luxury jewelry.

      Second place winner,
      Joel Levinson


      First place winner Walt Arnett, in a playful animated clip, rapped about the saving graces of payday loans after unfortunate incidents like a broken-down car. Second place winner Joel Levinson reminded viewers that, at Cash America, deals are so good “they cause mass hysteria.” With his great beat and lyrics, third place winner Justin Griffith had us tapping our feet and bobbing our heads at our desks. And Andre Ray, while not a winner, was a favorite as he delighted Facebook fans with his choir of little rappers.


      Cash Rap contestants made us laugh and smile.

      Third place winner,
      Justin Griffith


      They added fun to our busy workdays. We hope they’ll do the same for you.


      Learn more about our Cash Rap Contest on our Facebook page, and catch all the creative Cash Raps on our YouTube channel.


      Then, tell us: How do you add fun to your workday?

      Go comment!

    • NetSpend-ing

      By Mark, Operations Director

      Load and go!

      Better than cash? Sounds unlikely, but at Cash America, we offer a reloadable prepaid card - the NetSpend® Visa® Prepaid Card.  It’s a valuable alternative to cash for consumers looking to keep their spending to a budget.

      Today, prepaid cards are an increasingly popular form of payment, and NetSpend is the way to pay without breaking the bank!

      With the economy struggling to get a solid foothold, many consumers are conflicted about how to spend and stay within a budget. NetSpend is the solution! Customers can only spend the money loaded to the NetSpend card, allowing them to budget earnings and control spending.

      Cash America NetSpend Prepaid Debit Card
      NetSpend Prepaid
      Visa Debit Card

      Requesting a card is easy – there’s no credit check.1 Customers simply choose the fee plan that best meets their needs and then use the card to pay bills and make purchases over the phone, in stores or online. Customers can load their cards in amounts from $10 to $2,500, and the card is  protected  by the Visa Zero Liability Policy should the card be subject to fraudulent or unauthorized use.2 In addition to direct depositing paychecks, the cardholders can also have tax refunds loaded directly to the NetSpend card -- something to think about this tax season. Cardholders who enroll in the optional Savings Account can earn a 5.00 % APY3 – a higher rate than most traditional banks.

      NetSpend also features Anytime Alerts™4 offering optional text and email messages providing instant account activity updates and even deposit notifications.

      The NetSpend prepaid card helps customers stick to a budget and purchase wisely, resulting in confident consumers.

      Just walk into any of our stores, and we can help you get started with a NetSpend Visa Prepaid Card* today!



      1The USA PATRIOT Act is a Federal law that requires all financial institutions to obtain, verify and record information that identifies each person who opens an account. You will be asked to provide your name, address, date of birth and other information that will allow us to identify you. You may also be asked to provide documentation and proof of identification.

      2Visa’s Zero Liability Policy covers U.S.-issued cards only and does not apply to ATM transactions, PIN transactions, or certain commercial card transactions. Cardholder must notify issuer promptly of any unauthorized use. Other preconditions apply. Consult issuer for additional details or visit www.visa.com.

      3NetSpend Savings Accounts are made available to cardholders through MetaBank™, member FDIC. Interest is calculated on the Average Daily Balance of the savings account and is paid 6


      4While NetSpend does not charge for this service, you may be subject to text message fees assessed by your mobile service provider. Check with your provider for details.

      NetSpend Visa Prepaid Cards are issued by MetaBank™, member FDIC, pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. NetSpend is an authorized Independent Sales Organization of MetaBank. Use of card subject to funds availability. Transaction fees, terms, and conditions apply. See Cardholder Agreement for complete details.

      All trademarks and service marks are the property of their respective owners.

      © 2011 NetSpend Corporation


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