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  • Welcome to Sunny Orlando: Great Weather, Great Entertainment, and Great Deals at Cash America

    By: Carlos Bellorin

    Welcome to sunny Orlando: Great weather, great entertainment, and great deals at Cash America!

    Orlando--The City BeautifulOrlando, Fla. is sometimes called the “The Theme Park of the World,” and with good reason. The city boasts Walt Disney World Resort, Epcot theme park, SeaWorld and the Universal Studios Resort. But Orlando is more than just roller coasters and trained fish!

    For one thing Orlando, which is located in Central Florida, is only about an hour’s drive from some of the best-known beaches in the world, such as Cocoa Beach and Daytona Beach. Orlando also has the moniker of “The City Beautiful.” The city has lush tropical gardens with flowering plants along its streets.

    And with yesterday being the first official day of fall, it’s worth nothing that the beautiful weather, while sometimes a little humid, remains in the 70-80 degree range for most of the year.

    I heart UCFWhile Orlando attracts more than 51 million tourists per year, the city is not just for vacationing: Orlando also is the home city for the University of Central Florida, one of the largest universities in the nation based on enrollment size.

    As Florida’s fifth-largest city, Orlando has about 240,000 residents. The greater Orlando metropolitan area, which includes the cities of Kissimmee and Sanford, has a population of just more than 2.1 million. Because the area is growing, Cash America continues to open new stores and now has more than 20 in the area.

    Orlando is truly a melting pot of diverse cultures, including Cuban and Haitian, and is known for being a city where everyone who lives there is from somewhere else.

    So come to Orlando, visit the theme parks, observe the beauty, soak up the sun – and take a visit to Cash America!

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  • 2013 Layaway for Christmas Promotion

    By: Brent Stuart, SVP of operations

    Get a headstart on shopping and get more this holiday season! Cash America's nationwide Layaway for Christmas promotion began on September 3 and runs through October 31. Cash America's holiday layaway promotion

    There's no coupon necessary — just head to your local Cash America, Cash America SuperPawn, or Cashland location and pick out the perfect holiday gift. Pay 10% down to claim your item; make easy, no-charge payments; and it's yours!

    We have the perfect gift for everyone on your list. Whether it’s jewelry, home electronics, game systems or a stack of DVDs, get it from us at a fraction of new retail prices.

    Head to your local Cash America store and Layaway for Christmas today!

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  • Cashland Coworker Helps Bride Accomplish Her Dream

    Editor's note: You can see Jared and Stevie's story featured on the Thursday, September 12 edition of ABC's The View.

    The nation is watching after an emotional walk down the aisle for a Cashland coworker and his bride.

    Each decision you make Cashland coworker Jared and his wife, Steviecan have an impact on the rest of your life. A decision made by shop manager Jared VanAusdale and his new bride, Stevie, led them down the aisle and into the spotlight of the national media.

    Jared proposed; Stevie said yes and made the decision to walk down the aisle on their wedding – a feat that seemed nearly impossible because she is paralyzed from the waist down. This decision came with nine months of intense rehab at a therapy center in Detroit.

    “She put in brutal hours making sure she was going to be ready to walk down the aisle,” said Jared, Shop Manager at Cashland 3047 in Toledo, Ohio. “There were times that frustration was getting the better of her.”

    When the time came to make the walk, Stevie and Jared decided to allow a local media outlet film the journey. By the time they came back from their honeymoon, the story had spread across the nation.

    “It was a tidal wave of emotion. I had 300 people staring at me and I was trying not to cry,” Jared said. “I was with her through all the work leading up to our wedding and knew how hard she worked for that moment. To see her actually accomplish this goal was one of the most emotional things I’ve ever experienced.”

    The Toledo news station had been following Stevie’s story from the beginning. In high school, Stevie was in a car accident that killed her friend and left her paralyzed. "It’s important for Stevie to let people know that just because something horrible happens to you, it doesn’t mean you stop living your life," Jared said.

    In the days following their wedding, Jared and Stevie’s story appeared on CNN, the Today Show, Yahoo and several other news outlets. Next week, The View is flying the couple out to appear on the show and afterward they will stop by Inside Edition to tell their story. The View episode is scheduled to air on Thursday, September 12.

    “This is all new to me and I’m not used to all the attention,” Jared said. “It’s important for her to get her story and message out there. This is an opportunity for her to talk to more people and let them know the decision that you make can change your life forever.”

    Cashland coworker Jared with his wife, StevieShop Manager Manages Love
    Sometimes you don’t know just when a coworker will turn into Cupid. Jared’s fellow shop manager and friend, Teri Mullinger, turned out to be just that for him and Stevie.

    Several years ago Teri's daughter, Brianna, was in an accident on the way to school. One of Brianna’s legs had to be amputated and her best friend was killed. Because Brianna and Stevie’s accidents were so similar, Stevie reached out to the family to offer support.

    Both Jared and Stevie were visiting Brianna and Teri in the hospital on a regular basis, but they didn’t meet face-to-face until Teri decided to act.

    “She came up with this harebrained scheme for us to exchange phone numbers,” Jared said.  

    The scheme: Jared and his mother were planning to host a fundraiser for Brianna, and Teri said he should contact Stevie to help put the fundraiser together. She then told Stevie that Jared had some questions about putting together a fundraiser.

    “It wasn’t until after we started dating that Stevie asked me what questions I had about the fundraiser,” Jared said. “I responded with, ‘What questions?  What are you talking about?’ Then she explained to me what Teri told her about why I needed her number, and at that point we both knew it was only to get us to exchange numbers.”

    A year into dating Jared knew he was going to propose, and shortly after the couple started planning a trip to Hawaii – the perfect setting for Jared's proposal. One day during their stay in Maui, they drove the perimeter of the island and found a lighthouse in a secluded spot as the sun was setting. That spot was the beginning of Stevie’s journey down the aisle.

    “She is a gorgeous person – from top to bottom, an absolutely great person,” Jared said. “She is the one person I can always be myself around. Being myself is always good enough for her.”

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  • September's Birthstone: Sapphire

    By: Eleanor Reyes

    Cash America is the place to go for September’s birthstone, the sapphire.

    Cash America has sapphire jewelrySapphires typically vary in color from very light blue to dark, greenish blue, but they can also be colorless and in shades of gray and even black. The most valuable sapphires are a medium- to medium-dark blue or slightly violet blue, according to the American Gem Society’s website.

    This bright blue jewel has been revered for centuries and is the fabled gemstone of creative expression, inner peace, meditation, and pain alleviation. According to folklore, these benefits are supposed to be heightened when worn during its proper month of September.

    Sapphires haven’t always been just a good birthday present; medieval clergy used to wear the stone to symbolize heaven, while peasants thought the stones would give them heavenly blessings. But the stones have received more notoriety in recent history.

    Royal Sapphire photo credit: mylusciouslife.comProbably the most famous sapphire is the engagement ring British Prince Charles gave to his fiancée, Lady Diana. It’s the same ring the prince’s son Prince William gave to his bride Kate Middleton upon their engagement.

    Sapphires are also extraordinarily hard — second only to diamonds — and are found in gravels and certain sediments because they are extremely erosion resistant.

    Now is the time to get this beautiful precious stone from Cash America! Just in time for September birthdays, our stores have sapphires in a variety of cuts and settings, available in gold, white gold and platinum.

    Visit your local Cash America store or the National Jewelry Liquidation Center in Las Vegas to browse sapphires of all shades, in both popular and traditional settings.

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  • Give Moore Music

    By: Earl Pixley, Market Manager

    Tornado-damaged schools and a flooded band room weren’t going to stop Angie Taylor, the band director for Highland East Junior High School in Moore, Oklahoma, from Cash America's Give Moore Music instrument driveteaching music to band students preparing for the new school year. A lack of working instruments, however, couldn’t be overcome by willpower alone.

    The Oklahoma City Jazz Orchestra (OCJO) started a local instrument drive to help replace those lost in May’s EF5 tornado that destroyed two schools. One OCJO member posted a request for donations on Facebook — a request seen by his brother-in-law, a Cash America employee, who saw an opportunity to act with a servant’s heart, one of Cash America’s core values.

    Cash America's Give Moore Music instrument driveCash America quickly partnered with the OCJO, creating the “Give Moore Music” drive and donated  more than 60 instruments from Oklahoma-area stores. Together with the OCJO, the total number of donations went well over 100 — and is still growing today, thanks to the help of other businesses in Oklahoma City.

    “'We act with a servant’s heart' is the foundation for our outreach to the communities where we live and work," said Dennis Weese, president and chief operating officer of Cash America. “We were in a unique position to help the Moore Public Schools and specifically Highland East Jr. High School. Cash America's Give Moore Music instrument driveServing the community devastated by May’s tornado is our honor,” he continued.

    The instruments were presented to Taylor at a ceremony and jazz concert preceding the Moore Public Schools Board of Education meeting on August 12. In addition, three local students received instruments of their own — what she calls an unforgettable event in a musician’s life.

    OKC Jazz Orchestra Quartet“For so many students, band and music is a lifeline that helps keep them in school,” Taylor said. “Now we can start school as if it were a normal year. I can’t be more grateful to Cash America and the Orchestra for helping to save our music program.”

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  • Recruiting with the H.O.P.E. Method

    By: Nneka, Cash America Corporate Recruiter

    We live in a time where candidates are asking questions that recruiters have to be able to answer accurately: 
    -What sets your company apart from the competition?
    -What can your company provide that others cannot? 
    -Why should I work for your company?
    -If I am hired, what will your company do to keep me satisfied?
    Cash America corporate recruiter 'I am a' meme
    Finding the best candidates to fit your culture and contribute to your company can be very challenging. As a candidate, once you’ve seen one company’s ad, you’ve seen them all; as a recruiter, once you’ve seen one resume, you live to see more!

    It’s important to not just be a great company but also to let others know you are a great company!

    When trying to find the candidates who are the best fit for our company, I look at the areas of ethics, integrity, personal vision, and then their skill set. I then recruit them with the H.O.P.E. method:

    Present the candidate with a safe HAVEN. It’s important to provide candidates assurance of stability in the face of economic downfalls and workforce reductions made by many companies.

    Present a clear and concise view of possible OPPORTUNITIES and growth.
    Discuss succession planning and be realistic. Never make a promise you can’t keep.

    Present the case of strong company PERFORMANCE and relay how that correlates to employee morale/satisfaction.
    As everyone performs, everyone succeeds; there is no “I” in team. In order to build a thriving platform, it takes a group effort.

    Offer a chance to EXPERIENCE something new!
    Get excited about the possibility to experience our core values: being a part of the Cash America family, striving for excellence, having fun, bringing honor to our team, and acting with a servant’s heart!

    The H.O.P.E. method helps manage the influx of talent that sustains Cash America and propels us into the future. Maybe you think you’re the right fit for a job here, check out our openings and career page!

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  • Go Green for August's Birthstone: Peridot

    By: Cindy, Midwest Market Manager

    Peridot, a gemstone that varies in hue from yellow-green to deep olive green, has held a fascination for people for millennia.

    August’s birthstone, peridot was first discovered on St. John’s Island (or Zabargad) near Egypt around four thousand years ago. Cash America's PeridotsCleopatra, Queen of Egypt, is said to have had an obsession with emeralds and peridot stones alike.

    Later, some of the first Crusaders brought the stones back to Europe from the Middle East. Early Christians considered the stones sacred, and many cultures considered the stones symbolic of purity and morality; some Roman Catholic Bishops still wear a ring of peridot and amethyst.

    Other ancient cultures associate the stone with spring, Mother Nature and healing properties on gall bladders and livers. It was also supposed to protect the wearer from negative emotions and bring peace, success and good luck.

    In recent years the stone has gained popularity because it was named the birthstone for the month of August. With deposits located mainly in Arizona and New Mexico, the U.S. has long been one of the world’s top producers of peridot stones. But deposits have been discovered in China and Pakistan, and those countries are rivaling the U.S. in peridot production.

    Visit your local Cash America shop (or the National Jewelry Liquidation Center in Las Vegas) to browse peridots of all shades, in both popular and traditional settings — perfect for a birthday gift or as a pretty jewel for yourself!

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  • Hot summer? Grill out!

    By: Jeff Trees

    Try this tasty, healthy summertime menu the next time you grill out!Grill out this summer

    Meat: Spicy Asian Chicken

    Marinate boneless, skinless chicken breasts in a plastic zipper bag, covering them in a mixture of low-sodium soy sauce, salt, pepper, garlic, chili powder, and a dash of cayenne to taste. Cook the chicken all the way through, but don’t babysit it; grill marks are your friend!

    Veggies: Crisp Squash and Zucchini

    Cut yellow squash and zucchini into quarters, lay it on foil, and sprinkle it with salt, pepper, garlic, and onion powder. Squeeze a bit of fresh lemon and add a pat of butter (use unsalted butter to reduce sodium without losing flavor). Cash America's crisp-grilled yellow squash and zucchini

    Take another foil sheet and lay it over the top of your veggies, folding the edges up until you have a nicely enclosed packet. Place the foil packet on the grill when the chicken is about halfway done for a perfectly timed meal!

    Side: Tender Grilled Corn

    Rub sheets of foil with unsalted butter, then add a light dash each of salt, pepper, and garlic. Roll the corn up in the foil, making sure to cover each end.

    Place the corn rolls on the top rack of the grill, then move down to the lower racks to finish. Unlike boiled corn, the amount of time you cook doesn’t matter: the longer you cook, the more tender it becomes. Be sure to watch your foil for brown marks; they tell you if your heat is too high and you’re burning the corn. And be careful! The corn will be hot when you remove it from the foil.

    Dessert: Three-minute Banana “Ice Cream”

    For a delicious cold dessert that’s easier and healthier than banana bread, slice leftover bananas into half-inch pieces and freeze for two hours (or until frozen through). Blend the frozen pieces in a food processor for two minutes, scrape the sides and blend for another minute, then enjoy banana “ice cream” that tastes like the real thing but is actually good for you.

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  • Pawnder This...

    By: Louis Grau

    Pawn lending is an industry that can trace its origins back thousands of years and continues to serve as a valuable and much-needed financial service to our community today.

    Cash America helps you decide financial Wants versus NeedsPawn loans are collateral-backed loans where the item that you put into pawn (be it an iPad®, a power tool, a piece of jewelry or any other item of value) is used as security against the risk of default on lent money. Before pursuing a pawn loan, there are a few important questions that you should ask yourself:

    The first is “Why do I need this loan?”
    Asking this question forces you to think in terms of wants versus needs:  If you need the loan to cover an unexpected car repair cost, that’s a definite “need.” If you want some fast cash so you can buy the latest video game system, that’s a “want.” Take wants versus needs into consideration when choosing what to pawn and ensuring you can pay back your loan.

    The second question is “What should I use to take a pawn loan?”
    More isn’t necessarily better. A larger pawn balance means larger fees, so target an exact amount you need (or want!) when deciding what item you want to pawn. Determining exactly how much money is needed will help keep costs to a minimum.  

    Lastly, ask yourself “Do I want a loan or do I want to sell?”
    Do you plan on making payments for your pawned item, or are you simply looking to monetize an item you no longer need? If you aren’t strongly attached to what you pawn, you might be better off selling it outright.

    Ask yourself these important questions to make informed financial decisions that keep more money in your pocket and help build a stronger community. 

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  • Pawn Myths vs. Pawn Facts

    By: Lai Le

    On TV shows and in movies, pawn shops are shown as dark, scary places run by shady proprietors. But at Cash America, the closest you’ll get to Hollywood is by finding a great deal on DVD or Blu-ray movies.

    Clean, safe, well-lit Cash America shops offer pawn loans (along with a variety of other specialty financial services) in addition to retail services, allowing you to purchase goods like jewelry, electronics, musical equipment and much else — all at discounts up to 70% off retail, and all backed by our 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Visit a store for details.

    Myth: Pawn Loans Are Expensive.
    : Interest rates on pawn loans are set by state law. Pawn loans are short-term, collateralized loans on items of value that don’t cause people to overextend credit, go into bankruptcy, or suffer legal action if the loan is not repaid.

    Myth: Only poor people get pawn loans.
    Fact: A typical pawn customer is 36 years old, employed, earns about $29,000 per year, and reclaims their pawn item nearly 80% of the time. More than 25 million Americans from all economic groups use pawn services annually.

    Myth: Pawn shops are stocked with stolen goods.
    Fact: Cash America shops and employees work closely with local law enforcement to ensure loaned goods aren’t stolen — and the less than 1% of items that are identified as stolen are held for evidence and returned to their rightful owners.

    Myth: Pawnshops take advantage of people during bad economic times.
    Fact: A poor economy hurt pawnshops the same way it hurts any other business. We want to people to pay back their loans and purchase retail items — if money is tight, they can’t do either.

    If you don’t believe us, just try us: visit your local Cash America shop. You’ll be greeted by a friendly staff who can answer your questions and help you find what you’re looking for. Or to shop online, try our eBay store or the NJLC, our specialty jewelry outlet!

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  • Hot Dog Days of Summer

    By: Johnny Mitchell, Texas Region HR Director

    If you enjoyed hot dogs at your Independence Day cookout, don't be shy about firing up your grill: every day of July is part of National Hot Dog Month! (And also National Baked Bean Month, National Picnic Month, National Ice Cream Month, and — unsurprisingly —  National Anti-Boredom Month.)

    The dog days of summer areCash America wishes you happy grilling this summer here, and cooking out is an easy road to beating the boredom – if you can stand the heat! For extra flavor on a charcoal grill, try soaking applewood or mesquite wood chips in water and then sprinkling them on the hot coals before you start cooking. On a gas grill, just make a foil pouch for the dry wood chips and let them smolder in indirect heat to create delicious, taste-generating smoke.

    If you’re cooking steak and don’t like having to make your ribeye look like Swiss cheese by repeatedly poking it with a meat thermometer (and letting out all of the good juices!), try out the finger test to check how done your meat is:


    1. Open and relax your hand, then press on the fleshy area under your thumb: that’s what raw meat feels like
    2. Gently press your index finger to your thumb and then feel the fleshy area again for rare
    3. Press your middle finger to your thumb for medium-rare
    4. Ring-finger to thumb simulates medium
    5. Pinky to thumb feels like well done
    But always use a meat thermometer at least once to make sure meat is cooked to a safe temperature!

    Watermelon salad recipe from Cash America

    Pair your steak, hot dogs, ribs or chicken with some grilled vegetables, and beat the heat with this cool watermelon salad:

    Cube a small seedless watermelon. Combine with 4 small sliced tomatoes, 1 small sliced red onion, 1 small cubed cucumber and 1 cubed avocado. For a dressing, mix 1 tablespoon mixed herbs, 3 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil, 3 tablespoons balsamic vinegar with salt and pepper to taste for a dressing.

    Happy grilling!

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  • Red-hot Love for Rubies

    By: Belinda Olive, Midwest Market Manager

    What color would you naturally associate with love and passion? Obviously, it’s red; the color of the July birthstone, a ruby.

    Red is also symbolic of blood and fire, and it is associated with warmth and vitality. Some ancient cultures believed that rubies were a good-luck charm and would ward off danger and disasteRubies are July's birthstoner. Legends describe warriors implanting rubies under their skin to ensure victory in battle.

    In England, rubies are used for coronation rings and are still popular among royalty: Fergie, the Duchess of York, received a ruby engagement ring from Prince Andrew.

    Rubies range in color from dark red with a tinge of brown to pale rose-pink, although the blood-red variety is usually the most valuable.

    The red color is caused by the presence of chromium in the stone. Its name comes from ruber, the Latin word for red. The ruby is considered one of the four precious stones, along with sapphires, emeralds and diamonds.

    Rubies are the scarcest precious stones and are found mainly in north-central Myanmar, Thailand and Sri Lanka — but you don’t need to travel to Asia to find the best rubies around.

    Visit your local Cash America shop (or the National Jewelry Liquidation Center in Las Vegas) to browse rubies of all colors in both popular and traditional settings — perfect for a birthday gift or to express your love to that special someone.

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  • Summer's First...and Foremost!

    Summer is here! After the Fourth of July, there's not much until Labor Day besides long days and lots of sunshine.

    A Cash America family enjoying a day in the pool Sure, it may be a little toasty outside, but it seems as though we are all too often begging for more time in the day to enjoy life with our family and friends.

    Here are a few ways to come together and to kick start the season of fun in style!
    1. Take an early-morning photo excursion with the family: head out to a wildflower field or the nearest nature preserve and see who can snap the best shots.
    2. Take the bikes out to the local lake or bike trail for an evening ride after dinner.
    3. Survey the family for their favorite herbs and spices and plant a small indoor garden with everyone’s favorites in mind.
    4. Throw an impromptu barbecue with your friends to celebrate the leisure and spontaneity of summer.
    5. Tackle that home-improvement project you’ve been planning.
    6. Paint a summer scene on a wall or canvas that reminds you of your very favorite summer vacation.
    7. Head to the local pool or lake for an afternoon dip, and don’t forget your floaties!
    8. For a bit of healthy competition, gather your friends and family for an early evening softball game in the park. (Let the kids be the coaches for a bit of extra fun!)
    Spend the hottest part of the day getting all of those pesky indoor errands and chores done to free you up for fun later. And remember to always wear sunscreen and drink plenty of water!

    As long as summer days are, they still seem to fly by—so make the best of the season now. Cash America can help with your summer fun, whether you need bikes, fans, cameras, sporting equipment or tools. Check out your local Cash America shop or shop around our eBay store online!

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  • Couldn’t be Happier About “Baton Rouge Blues”

    By: Kristin Mayberry, Market Manager

    You don’t have to look far to find out how Cash America interacts with its Baton Rouge community — or at least you don’t have to look very hard: the east wall of its Government Street location is now a very large, very colorful mural dedicated to blues music.

    Henry Gray poses with his likeness on 'Baton Rouge Blues'A collaboration between Cash America, artist Charles Barbier, The Walls Project and the Baton Rouge Mid-City Redevelopment Alliance, “Baton Rouge Blues” memorializes local blues legends and pays tribute to its current stars — but it was anything but low-down at an unveiling party held in its honor in mid-June.

    Neighborhood residents and local arts advocates braved a seasonably warm day to celebrate the unveiling by enjoying barbeque and jambalaya. Cash America’s shop employeeArtist Charles Barbier poses in front of his murals kept tables of giveaways full and dished out plenty of cold drinks as live blues jammed on a nearby stage.

    “Baton Rouge Blues” is now the focal point of a major metropolitan intersection and the greatest achievement to date for a group looking to revitalize Baton Rouge through the arts.
    Troy Turner, a loyal Cash America customer, poses with his likeness
    Casey Phillips, Executive Director of The Walls Project, said “The motto of The Walls Project is ‘Commerce Creates Art; Art Creates Commerce.’ Cash America has shown the Baton Rouge community that they’re dedicated to helping out the places where we do business and our inner-city children.”

    As part of its commitment to serving in the communities where it operates, Cash America also made a monetary donation to the Youth Oasis, a Baton Rouge shelter serving at-risk youth.

    View more photos from the unveiling party on The Walls Project’s Facebook page.

    Kristin, Cash America Market Manager, presents a check to the BR Youth Oasis

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  • Do More for Dad This Father's Day

    By: Joni Carter, Market Manager

    Father's day is the perfect opportunity to thank dad for his unconditional love and support through the years. It's a day to celebrate the guy who worked nine-hour days yet still managed to attend every recital, ball game and birthday party growing up; the guy who taught you to ride a bike, introduced you to good music, spent his hard-earned vacations at Disney Land and always let you watch the scary movies mom didn't allow.

    You might have tested his patience through the years, but you could always count on him to stand by your side through the good times and the bad.

    Father's Day is the perfect time to thank dad for his hard work, his countless sacrifices and his unwavering support.

    This year, skip the tie and make up for those rebellious teenage years with a gift from Cash America. Below are some great gift ideas for every type of dad:

    • Got an out-of-touch dad in need of a technology upgrade? Cash America has a variety of smartphones and tablets for the dad who's stuck in the 20th century.   
    • Does your dad always dress to impress? If so, he’ll certainly love a stylish new watch.  
    • Is your dad the ultimate do-it-yourself expert? Giving him a new power tool this Father's Day will be a sure-fire hit.
    • Does your dad love sports? Upgrade his big-screen TV so he never misses a game.
    • Does he enjoy golf? We’ve got plenty of golf clubs that will help improve his score.  
    • If your dad is the outdoors type, you can't go wrong getting him something he can use on hunting or fishing trips.
    There’s only a few shopping days left! Show your pops some love this Father’s Day and get him the gift he deserves.

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  • The "Baton Rouge Blues" Brings Cheer

    By: Kristin Mayberry

    Cash America is proud to partner with Baton Rouge, LA’s The Walls Project and the Mid-City Redevelopment Alliance to unveil a mural painted on the back wall of a local Cash America shop.

    Artist Charles Barbier’s “Baton Rouge Blues” memorializes Baton Rouge-region blues greats Tabby Thomas, Slim Harpo, and Raful Neal in addition to depicting a jam session featuring a number of other Baton Rouge stars. Baton Rouge 3 is located just east of downtown Baton Rouge, at the northeast corner at the intersection of Government Street and Acadian Thruway.

    There’s no more fitting mural to be on our building than “Baton Rouge Blues.” Guitars are considered the first instrument of the blues, and Jack Daugherty, Cash America’s founder, decided the pawn industry was a great business opportunity after pawning his guitar several times during college. Being a part of the Mid-City Redevelopment is exciting not only for the arts community in Baton Rouge but also for Cash America.

    Cash America and BR Walls Project present 'Baton Rouge Blues'To celebrate the mural’s completion, Cash America will host an unveiling party at the shop (3347 Government St.) from 5-7 p.m. on June 13. There will be a live blues jam, barbecue, face painting for kids and giveaways sponsored by Cash America. Cash America will also commemorate their continued support of children's charities nationwide with a donation to the Youth Oasis, which is Baton Rouge’s only nonprofit children's shelter. 

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  • Cut Out the Close Calls!

    June is not only when summer starts, but it’s also National Safety Month. So while kids are out of school, parents are doing home improvement projects and families are vacationing, it’s all about taking safety personally. Here are a few easy ways to cut out those oh-too-close calls:

    When you’re on the road:Protect yourself from the sun and heat by wearing sunscreen, hats, loose-fitting clothing and staying hydrated
    Remove temptation and place your phone in the back seat.
    Leave early so you don’t feel rushed.
    Don’t share a lane with motorcycles.
    Leave extra passing room for large vehicles.

    Here’s to your health:
    Stretch throughout the day in a gentle, controlled manner.
    Breathe deeply to help prevent overstraining and seek medical help if you have ergonomic issues like tingling or swelling.
    Learn how to dispose of any old prescriptions around the house from the FDA.

    Beach protection means more than sunglasses:
    Choose sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher that protects against UVA and UVB rays.
    Protect your skin in any weather — you can still get burnt on a cloudy day.
    Don’t underestimate the power of undertows and other water hazards when swimming — even in freshwater.

    Sunburns, car wrecks and rough seas shouldn’t be your only concerns; falls are actually the third leading cause of unintentional death.
    Don’t use ladders as a bridge, and always stand below the third rung from the top.

    This is not only a test:
    Be sure to practice your home emergency drills twice a year.
    Keep an emergency kit with multiple flashlights, fresh batteries, blankets and three days of food and water per person handy.

    Help celebrate the National Safety Council’s 100-year anniversary with a pledge to personal safety. Lead the charge for stopping the risky behaviors that lead to easily preventable injury or death, and watch a message from the NSC President.

    Visit the National Safety Council to download more tips, posters and games.

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  • Pearls of Wisdom: Check out Pearls at Cash America

    Traditionally known as June’s birthstone, pearls have been highly prized around the world for thousands of years.

    Pearls are formed when an irritant such as a microscopic parasite or grain of sand gets inside the shell of a salt water mollusk — usually oysters. Over time, the oyster forms a protective hard sac around the irritant to seal it off. The result is a luPearls, June's birthstoneminescent pearl. Pearls created in this fashion naturally are extremely rare and quite expensive. Most of the pearls that we wear today are cultured in hatcheries and are more affordable.

    Beyond their monetary value, pearls have embodied different cultural, social and religious meanings and have played an important role in many societies: In addition to being a sign of prosperity, many cultures consider pearls a symbol of health and wellbeing.

    Pearls were also often ground into powder and added to medicinal tonics and ointments. Pearls also have a history of representing purity, chastity and innocence. Today, many societies use pearls to adorn wedding gowns.

    For most cultures, pearls have long been a symbol of luxury and wealth. In ancient Asian literature, pearls are mentioned as gifts for royalty, tributes to gods and are considered to be powerful good luck charms. Early Greek and Roman cultures associated pearls with the moon, while Persian myths describe the gems both as the tears of the gods and as a symbol of hope.

    Cash America is known for selling fabulous jewelry (including pearls!) at great prices. Our National Jewelry Liquidation Center in Las Vegas has a wide selection of pearls. Come by and see us at 3021 Business Lane, just west of the Las Vegas Strip, or visit us online at myjewelrycenter.com

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  • Why We Celebrate Memorial Day

    Memorial Day: The unofficial kickoff to summer conjures up images of sizzling barbeques, pool parties, big sales and family gatherings. While we all enjoy a relaxing day off from work, this is far from the true meaning of Memorial Day.

    Memorial Day is an opportunity to honor the brave men and women in the Armed Forces who have given their lives defending our freedom. It's a day to give thanks to the heroes who'll never get the opportunity to enjoy what they fought so hard to protect. It's a time to reflect on the sacrifices they've made throughout the years so we can feel safe and secure in this great nation.Cash America Salutes Memorial Day
    We must also honor the husbands and wives, the children, and the mothers and fathers who've lost a spouse, a parent or a child too early in life. It's important to show our gratitude and our appreciation for the loved ones they've lost.

    At Cash America, we proudly honor the men and women of the Armed Forces who've made the ultimate sacrifice so we can enjoy our barbeques, our pool parties and our long weekends with friends and family. We encourage you to enjoy your weekend festivities, but please, don't forget the true reason we celebrate Memorial Day.

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  • Cash America Wins Worthy Awards

    Cash America is proud to announce it recently won four honors at the Greater Fort Worth Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America’s Worthy Awards, which recognize excellence in strategic communications.
    Cash America Worthy Awards PRSA
    "I could not be more proud of my team and of Cash America,” said Yolanda Walker, Vice President of Public Relations and Corporate Communications for Cash America.

    "The honor of winning a Worthy Award comes not just from the great work of our team but the areas in which we won: Crisis communications are especially important to our business, and it’s also very satisfying to be awarded for videos that accurately represent our brand and culture."

    The Public Relations and Corporate Communications teams won the following awards:

    Worthy Award — Crisis Communications: Ohio Reimbursement Program

    Worthy Award — External Video: "I am a Cash American" - Customer Testimonials

    Award of Excellence — Internal Video: "Behind the Solution" - Employee Spotlight

    Award of Excellence — Media Relations Online Newsroom

    The Worthy Awards’ annual celebration dinner was held April 25 at the Fort Worth Club and also recognized Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price as Communicator of the Year for her creative use of social media to reach out to Fort Worth residents.

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