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  • Armed Forces Day

    In 1949, President Harry Truman led the effort to create a single holiday allowing the nation to come together to thank our military members for their service in support of our country: Armed Forces Day. In addition to honoring service members, Armed Forces Day replaced and combined separate Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force Days—and now also includes the Coast Guard.

    Americans celebrate Armed Forces Day annually on the third Saturday of May. It is a day to pay tribute to men and women who serve in the U.S. Armed Forces; those who have served their country in times of both war and peace.

    Many events across the nation take place on Armed Forces Day. While more formal, solemn shows of respect are common to Memorial Day, Armed Forces Day is a time to enjoy family, friends and the freedom of a nation. Each year, we celebrate with parades, open houses, festive receptions and air shows.

    Join us on Saturday, May 18, as we celebrate our military and their families.

    Happy Armed Forces Day!

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  • Wow Mom this Mother’s Day!

    Mother’s Day is just around the corner, but there’s still plenty of time to find the perfect gift—and Cash America can help!

    What do moms want? Anything that comes from the heart. A macaroni happy face glued to a paper plate will bring her a smile, but wouldn’t you rather get her something she won’t have to leave at home hanging on the fridge (or wilting in a vase)? We have the gifts that’ll make Mom feel special—and at discount prices!

    •Brighten her day with the shine of jewelry: From gold, diamond and birthstone pieces to fine watches, Cash America can help you wow Mom on her special day. Pair it with a name-brand handbag if you really want to score some brownie points!

    •Make a real splash with the flash from a digital camera! We have everything from point-and-shoots to SLRs to help you capture and share Mother’s Day memories.

    •Give her a movie night in with our expansive selection of affordable DVDs and Blu-rays.

    •GPS units and iPhones never go out of style!

    •Maybe Mom wants to rock out? Get her a drum set, keyboard, DJ table or accordion. You name it—we have just about any music instrument she could want!

    Cash America has a 30-day satisfaction guarantee on all purchases. Be sure to check out our eBay store for a wider selection on all of the products we sell in our shops. Let Cash America help you brighten Mom's day. Click the picture above for a coupon worth $40 off a $100 purchase! 

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  • Happy Teacher's Day!

    Did you know Tuesday, May 7, is Teacher’s Day? It’s a grand celebration of the men and women, who change, shape, put up with and love our children. This entire week, in fact, will be filled with everything from silly skits and glittery poster boards to thoughtful gifts and cards. All in an effort to make certain our educators know we appreciate them and we could never do their job every day!

    As respect and fond memories of our teachers from years past flood in, it’s the perfect time to pop by your local shop and find a token of your appreciation to send to school this week. After all, a thoughtful trinket goes a long way to say Thank You! When a shiny apple just isn’t cutting it, why not try a:

    •Shared class instrument like a guitar or tambourine
    •Stack of DVDs or CDs—some for the class, some for the teacher
    •Watch to symbolize their precious time and energy
    •Upgrade room equipment: From projectors to laptops, we have you covered
    •Camera… it can make an amazing hands-on teaching tool

    As my teachers always said, you can never say thank you enough, so stop by your Cash America today and we’ll help you try!

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  • Celebrities get Their Bling on with Emeralds

    Emeralds are more than May’s birthstone; they’ve recently surged in popularity. Emeralds can add a luxurious touch to any outfit, whether you’re attending a red carpet event to a casual cocktail party.

    Throughout the ages, emeralds have been favored for their deep green color and as a symbol of new growth, spring, renewal and regeneration.

    Current celebrities have been seen wearing the stones at charity events and awards ceremonies. Actresses such as Angelina Jolie and Debra Messing have been spotted adorned with emeralds on the red carpet.

    But this isn’t just a passing fad. Actress Elizabeth Taylor was famous for wearing emeralds during her long career as well.

    In fact it is rumored that the Queen of Egypt, Cleopatra, loved the alluring gems when she ascended the throne. She even had her own emerald mines and was known to clothe herself in robes adorned with emeralds and sent visiting dignitaries home with gifts of loose emeralds.

    Visit the National Jewelry Center’s blog to find out more about this gemstone. If you want to get a great deal on amazing emeralds, go to a Cash America near you. All of our gems are carefully evaluated for quality and we have all the most popular settings in yellow gold, white gold and platinum.

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  • Diamonds really are a girl's (or a boy's) best friend

    As spring brings rain, you can brighten up your April-born special someone’s day with his or her birthstone: a diamond from Cash America.

    Diamond is from the ancient Greek “adamas,” which means unbreakable. It is simply the hardest substance known by a wide margin. Nothing can scratch a diamond other than another diamond and a diamond can scratch anything, even a sapphire.

    Cash America is the place to get a great deal on the brilliant stone. Whether it’s a birthday present or engagement ring; we have jewelry for every occasion. We also have the most popular styles, including princess-cut stones and settings in gold, white gold or platinum.

    Our well-trained staff authenticates the precious metal and diamonds in all our jewelry. This authentication process includes a visual inspection using a jeweler’s loupe, weighing the item, sizing any diamonds (carat, weight) and noting the cut, color and clarity of each stone. In addition, each piece of jewelry is tested to determine the carat of the gold. These tests confirm the quality, authenticity and value of the jewelry you are buying.

    Stop by one of our stores to find the perfect diamond for the occasion. You can also check out our National Jewelry Liquidation Center’s Deal of the Month to purchase an eye-catching piece at a great price.

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  • April is Financial Literacy Month

    We are in the middle of an important month – National Financial Literacy month.  This is a topic we take seriously at Cash America because we are one of the largest providers of specialty financial services in the United States. To help our customers learn more about your finances and how you can easily manage your money, we partnered with Financial Education Literacy Advisors to create the Financial Education Literacy Program.

    This is an excellent way to educate yourself about things like budgeting and saving, banking, borrowing money and credit management. Plus, if you accrue 750 Reward Points within the month of April, you will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win $500. What a great way to start the spring off, become a better manager of your finances and have the opportunity to win $500!

    Sign up for the Financial Education Literacy Program at www.cashamerica.myfela.com.

    In addition to the Financial Education Literacy Program here are some other helpful money savings tips:

    •Shop at Cash America! We have great products – including jewelry, electronics, tools and more – at discount prices.

    •Download The Coupons App (free for both iPhone and Android) at www.thecouponsapp.com. Check it daily for deals near you. You can find the cheapest gas locations, stores that are having sales and more.

    •Ask your Internet, television or phone provider about bundling your services together. Bundling means you'll only have to pay one bill and communicate with one customer service department, saving you time and money!

    •Start saving automatically. Ask your bank to set up a routine transfer each month from your checking account to your savings account and watch the money pile up.

    •Sign up for email newsletters from your favorite stores. Many retailers share coupons or exclusive sale information with their email subscribers. Sign up for Cash America’s email promotions here.

    Cash America loves National Financial Literacy month.  It is a constant reminder of our mission: To provide financial solutions that help ordinary people meet their needs and pursue their dreams.

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  • April 15 is Tax Day

    Get the W-2s, 1099s and all those stashed-away receipts because Tax Day is upon us. Since 1955, April 15 marks the day when many of us will be scrambling to gather documents and receipts hoping to get our last minute filings to the post office on-time and error-free.

    Bringing thoughts of uncertainty, anxiety, excitement and stress, tax season affects us all on some level. We’d like to help! Here are five last-minute tips to ease some of those tax-day worries:

    1.Find your receipts. All deductions for cash contributions to charity need a record.

    2.Always check your math. If relying on software or online sites, check your numbers twice. Better safe than sorry.

    3.Include your Social Security number on EVERY page. If for some reason a page goes missing, it can easily be reattached to the others.

    4.Be sure to sign your return. If filing online, be sure you complete the submission in its entirety. There are many check points along the way, so don’t be fooled into thinking you’re finished.

    5.Save copies of all documents sent to the IRS. Have your CPA prepare an extra copy or save and print your online return. Not only will it help with your peace of mind, it will be helpful when filing next year’s return.

    And, if you’re one of the lucky ones with a refund burning a hole in your pocket, stop by your local Cash America shop. We’ve got great deals on quality merchandise to help maximize your tax refund.

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  • It's April Fools' Day!

    Today is a good day to be leery of your friends, coworkers and family members — it’s April Fools’ Day! Perhaps it’s the day you choose to take off from work and lock yourself at home. This light-hearted day is one of the few times a year that corporate America has a great sense of humor!

    Check out just a few of the top company-driven pranks from the past few years…

    •Virgin® announces in 2011 that Sir Richard Branson decided to purchase Pluto and give it back planet status. The purchase price went undisclosed to the public.

    •The same year popular website Hulu® promoted its newest television episodes to stream from 1996 shows like X-Files and NewsRadio.

    •YouTube® redesigned its logo and advertised its most requested videos from a century ago. The company also added an option to view videos in silent formats.

    •Conan O'Brien commandeered a social media site as the newly appointed CEO of Mashable.com.

    •Rock Band makers, Harmonix® announced the game would be getting cards and dice in the next generation.

    •The granddaddy of all pranksters, Google® has played a plethora of pranks. Their tomfoolery includes replacing their maps with an early Nintendo® interface. The joke giant also released a converter to switch your browsers default font to the ridiculous Comic Sans® script. It promoted hands-free technology with the release of Gmail Motion; using your webcam and patented spatial tracking it boasted a 12 percent productivity bump by allowing users to control Gmail® with their body.

    The lesson to be learned? Be on high alert for high jinks today. But, if you find yourself out and about playing a prank on your friends, stop by a Cash America store to pick up some gear to help out — or an apology gift!

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  • Spring’s Aquamarine

    Did you, or will you, have a birthday this month? If so, happy birthday from Cash America!

    Your day takes place in a month filled with celebrations – March marks the beginning of spring and St. Patrick’s Day. We can’t forget to mention that March typically houses the long-awaited spring break vacation for those in school.

    Your birth month is also special because your birthstone is the charming aquamarine. With its blue and green hues, aquamarine is the perfect birthstone for the spring month as its colors are synonymous with the season. Other than the fact that this gemstone is quite beautiful, do you know the story behind the stone? Luckily, our friends at National Jewelry Liquidation Center can tell us all the facts about one of the most popular and well-known gemstones.

    Visit myjewelrycenter.com to check out what the store in Las Vegas offers, to learn more about your favorite pieces of jewelry and to find the deal of the week and the deal of the month. You won’t want to miss these deals!

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  • Money-Saving Travel Tips!

    Are you planning on taking a trip this spring break or summer? At Cash America we understand the importance of maximizing your vacation budget, here are a few suggestions to make your vacation dollars go further and your travel time go smoother.

    First, click here to find the nearest Cash America.

    Second, come by our store to find the best prices on these travel items (selections vary by location):

    • Cameras, to capture great photos of your vacation (don’t forget to share you favorite vacation photo on our Facebook page).

    • Headphones, to block out the noise on the plane ride to and from your destination.

    • Wi-Fi computer tablets or smart phones, so the kids can play games and you can find those “off the grid” restaurants.

    • We also have swim gear, golf clubs, tennis racquets and other sporting equipment you need to make this year’s vacation the best!

    No matter where your travels take you… exploring a big city, seeking the best rollercoaster at a theme-park or relaxing on the beach, Cash America can help equip you with your vacation essentials.

    Wherever you go please put us on your itinerary, come by the nearest shop & say hi!

    Have a great vacation; we hope to see you on the road.

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  • St. Patty's Day is on the way!

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Cash America! It is that time of year to wear green and celebrate the Irish. We may be a few days early, but who’s counting? The Irish holiday is observed each spring and whether or not you can trace your family back to Ireland, the day typically gives everyone a reason to celebrate.

    The day is held in honor of the fifth century’s Saint Patrick, who is the patron saint and national apostle of Ireland. Today, however, St. Patrick’s Day has become a celebration of all things Irish. To get you in an Irish mood, here are some fun facts about Irish cultural and St. Patrick’s Day celebrations:

    -St. Patrick’s Day is held every year on March 17.

    -Leprechauns and their hidden pot of gold at the end of rainbows come from Irish folklore.

    -Members of the band U2 are all from Ireland.

    -The Guinness Book of World Records can trace its origin to Ireland.

    -There are more than 100 St. Patrick’s Day parades held across the United States, the largest taking place in New York City and Boston.

    -During the New York City celebration, there are no cars or floats like there are in typical parades. Instead, thousands of people march on foot.

    -Several U.S. cities share the name of Dublin, Ireland’s capital city. These cities include Dublin, California; Dublin, Ohio; and Dublin, Texas.

    -Cabbage and corned beef is a traditional St. Patrick’s Day dish.

    So, next Sunday, grab your green drinks and throw on your green shirts to celebrate this notoriously fun day. May the luck of the Irish be with you!

    Happy St. Patty’s Day, from Cash America!

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  • Spring into Savings!

     It’s that time again – time to reset your clocks, spring forward and celebrate daylight savings time with Cash America! This translates to some as an hour less of sleep and for others, more daylight to enjoy the beautiful spring days. However you look at the time change, daylight saving is upon us. This year, we’re taking a more literal approach to the term and focusing on your financial savings!

    If one of your 2013 New Year’s resolutions was to be more financially responsible, we can help! Our Financial Education Program helps you take control of your money. The program includes information about everything from budgeting and saving to borrowing money and credit management. You can even win rewards for participation in this free program.

    Get started with the program in your community:


    Maybe your goal for 2013 was to simply shop smarter to save more money….well we can help with that too.  Our shops have a great selection of everyday low prices - we are the perfect alternative to the big name stores when searching for your favorite electronics, jewelry or even tools for spring cleaning and home repairs.  Find a shop near you.

    Getting a financial education and shopping smarter are great, but not enough? Don’t forget that we buy used items, which puts money straight into your pocket!  Keep us in mind when tackling all those spring cleaning to-do lists…don’t just toss out that old TV or the unused set of golf clubs, bring them to us! Take a look at the various items our shops buy here.

    Let us help you use that extra hour of daylight wisely! Get out and enjoy the start of the new season and spring into savings today!

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  • Get to know Cashland!

    Cashland joined the Cash America family way back in 2003. Since, the Cashland name has solidified itself in communities throughout Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan & Indiana with over 200 locations. We are so pleased to personally introduce you to one of the most coveted members of our Cash America family.

    So, what do we do? Cashland offers a host of super simple and helpful financial services, including low-cost auto insurance, money orders and transfers through Western Union™. This one-stop shop also offers short-term loans, pre-paid debit cards and much more. Many Cashland stores also offer gold buying.

    We are able to serve the needs of those who may have limited financial options. If your car breaks down and you need money to get it fixed so you can get to work, you can come in and get a short term loan in amounts of $100-$1200. What bank will let you borrow that for a couple of weeks with a minimal fee?

    Many of our storefronts also offer pawn services similar to those in our Cash America and SuperPawn shops across the nation. You can look forward to bonuses like layaway, the famous 30-day money back guarantee and of course, the team spirit, professionalism and friendliness that sets us apart from so many others.

    Ready for more news? Cashland recently joined the world of social media! Keep up with all the conversations on our Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages.

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  • South by Southwest®: For Every Music Lover

    If you’re a music lover, and haven’t been to South by Southwest® (SXSW®), you’re missing out on an incredible experience. Bands and music enthusiasts from around the nation come together with one common goal in mind – to experience music as it’s meant to be experienced. With over 2,000 bands and almost 200 music conferences, this festival has established Austin as the “Live Music Capital of the World®”. Whatever your passion, whatever your genre, there is something for you in Austin.

    Cash America adds to the fun by offering you amazing deals on musical equipment and more.  Two of our Austin-based stores are tailored to the music scene. With an abundance of musical equipment and instruments, it’s the perfect time to pick up that instrument you’ve been wanting at a killer deal. The experienced staff will be at your service and some can later be found on the stage playing in a local band. They understand just how important a knowledgeable staff, and unbeatable equipment selection and prices can be.

    So, if you’re a fan of music, come see us during our Music Sale March 13-16! We’d love to talk instruments, equipment, bands and more. And, you just may leave with something you thought you’d never be able to afford or find.  Come early for the best selection!

    611 S. Lamar
    Austin, TX 78704
    (512) 443-7787

    3402 Guadalupe St
    Austin, TX 78705
    (512) 459-7021

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  • The Servant's Heart Program - Cash Americans Making a Difference!

    By Caroline Ciocca, Director of Corporate Citizenship

    Cash America is committed to making a difference in the communities where our coworkers live and work. Our Servant’s Heart Program was created to provide support and advocacy to further advance the Company’s corporate citizenship efforts through the formation of teams throughout the organization.  The Servant’s Hearts will serve as company ambassadors and coordinate various community events and activities throughout the year.

    “The Servant’s Heart Program” is a way for us to tie in our corporate citizenship initiatives, and engage our coworkers in volunteering. When volunteering, each coworker will receive a Servant’s Heart t-shirt to help identify us when we’re out in the community performing community service.

    Our charitable contributions reflect our values and we strive to form partnerships where we have the ability to match resources with the needs of the neighborhoods where we live and work. Cash America recognizes the intrinsic value of investing in our communities through the following five areas of giving:

    -Education/Financial Literacy
    -Public Safety Initiatives
    -Families in Need
    -Natural Disaster Relief
    -The Military

    If your city has an organization that fits within our five categories for charitable giving and could use the help of our coworkers willing hands and servant’s hearts, visit our web site www.cashamerica.com.

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  • Cash America Rocks!

    By Clint Jaynes, Senior Vice President of Human Resources

    Cash America is honored to have recently been named one of our Nation’s Top Workplaces by WorkplaceDynamics for 2013! We were ranked in the top 4 percent out of 872 organizations with more than 1,000 employees who participated in the regional top workplaces program. 

    At Cash America, we work hard to make our coworkers happy and it’s our coworkers who drive our success. We received this recognition from WorkplaceDynamics as a result of our participation in the 2012 Dallas Morning News, Las Vegas Review-Journal and Chicago Tribune’s Top 100 Places to work, as well as the feedback provided in surveys by our coworkers. 

    The survey uses a proprietary set of 22 questions to rank individual companies.  The survey data showed that employees most want to work for companies with a high level of organizational health. Companies that set a clear direction for their future, execute well and bring true meaning to work for their coworkers are the healthiest.

    This is a great accomplishment for Cash America and I’m proud to be part of such an innovative team that’s continually being recognized as an outstanding employer.

    Stop into a shop near you to see for yourself what sets Cash America apart from the competition. 

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  • Happy Valentine's Day!

    Valentine’s Day is a day to show that special someone just how much they mean to you. Whether it’s a dinner made with love or a shiny piece of bling, everyone has their own twist to the Valentine’s Day festivities. Here are some celebratory tips we’ve come across throughout the years. 

    Sweet Tooth Indulgence

    With the abundance of candy available during this time of year, you’re sure to find something to fit anyone’s sweet tooth. Prefer to get your hands dirty? Making your own heart-shaped cookies, fudge or pizza is sure to make a lasting impression.

    Meals for 2

    Whether you’re the microwave-every-meal type or a 5-star chef in the kitchen, there are recipes out there for every cooking level. Strawberry heart-shaped pancakes or a 3-course dinner for two shows you took the time to think of something special to do on this holiday. 

    A Day of Luxury

    Indulge in a spa day for two. Even if you’re single on Valentine’s Day, a trip to the spa does everyone some good. Relax and enjoy massages, pedicures, bubble baths and more. Luxury doesn’t have to be expensive. Just take a little extra time to enjoy being together or for pampering yourself. 

    Something That Sparkles

    You can never fail with something shiny. A stunning watch for him or a dazzling diamond for her, it’s a chance to take their breath away. Don’t want to spend a fortune? Well you’ve come to the right place. Cash America has stunning gold and diamond jewelry that’s sure to steal the show and at prices that won’t break the bank. Find a shop near you.  

    Happy Valentine’s Day from Cash America!

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  • Heart to Heart

    By Randy Blubaugh, VP of Compensation and Benefits

    February is a month dedicated to all matters of the heart – not just those candy hearts you give your special someone. February is Heart Disease Awareness month and a great time to get a jumpstart on getting heart healthy. 

    Cash America is doing its part to care for the hearts of our coworkers. Each summer, Cash America conducts Health and Wealth Forums, where coworkers participate in free biometric screenings on a wide variety of health issues, including heart disease, and get information about healthy lifestyles and health awareness. We also provide coworkers with discounted gym memberships and coaching for those who may be at risk for health-related problems.
    Visit Heart.org for tips on how you can take better care of your heart this year. 

    When it comes to buying gifts for those who hold a special place in your heart, Cash America is your one-stop shop when shopping for gifts.

    During February, we offer deep discounts on our already low prices on gold jewelry and engagement rings. If jewelry isn’t your significant other’s thing, maybe a night in is the perfect date for your Valentine. Check out our great deals on TVs, DVDs, game systems and more!

    To find a store near you, click here.

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  • Join Us for a Valentine's Day Twitter Party!

    Although it seems like this year just started, February is right around the corner. So, what’s so special about February?

    Valentine’s Day, of course!

    This Valentine’s Day, we want you to join us for our first ever Twitter Party.

    What’s a Twitter Party? It’s simple. At 2 p.m. CST on Thursday, January 14, follow along using the hashtags, #LoveCashAmerica, or  #LoveSuperPawn or  #LoveCashland, depending upon which one of our brands is in your area. By using the hashtag in all of your tweets, you’ll automatically be in a conversation on the Twittersphere with us and with other Cash America, SuperPawn and Cashland followers.

    A tip: When participating in a Twitter party, it’s easiest to use platforms like Tweetdeck or Hootsuite to follow along. These are free to download at Tweetdeck.com and Hootsuite.com. Simply search the hashtag you want to use and then you can see our tweets as well as those of others.

    While you already know that we love all of you, we want to know what it is you love about Cash America. We’ll be asking random trivia questions surrounding Valentine’s Day and about our company throughout the party. We’re even giving you a chance to win a pair of diamond stud earrings.  No Purchase Is Necessary.

    Here are the rules.

    We hope to see you there!

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  • January's Gorgeous Garnet

    Do you have a January birthday? Well, then happy birthday from Cash America! 

    We think there are many perks to being born in January - you’re allowed to start out the New Year with an added celebration, the gifts don’t end after the December holiday season and your birthstone is none other than a garnet.

    What’s so special about a garnet? Not only does it have a deep red and sophisticated hue, there’s an interesting history behind this beautiful gemstone. Garnet gemstones are durable, long lasting and can survive everyday wear and tear. It’s no surprise then that garnet is often thought to represent love, fire, passion, purity and compassion. 

    In this video, our National Jewelry Liquidation Center in Las Vegas gives us all a history lesson about the garnet and the meaning of birthstones. 

    The National Jewelry Liquidation Center offers an incredible selection of pre-owned jewelry and watches at unbelievable prices. All jewelry you find in the NJLC is certified and authenticated and even offers layaway, free jewelry cleaning and a 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee. Now, through January 31, you can take advantage of the January Deal of the Month – platinum diamond hoop earrings for 70% off retail. 

    You can visit the National Jewelry Liquidation Center the next time you are in Las Vegas. Until then, find them online at www.myjewelrycenter.com, as well as on Facebook and Twitter

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