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3 Easy Steps for Selling Your Jewelry

By Chris, Operations Director

Selling unwanted and old (even broken) jewelry is an effortless way to increase your cash flow. It’s time to dust off your old jewelry box in search of items to sell. Do you really want that bracelet from your ex-boyfriend anyway?

When considering what to sell, search for items like out-of-style earrings, but also remember that things like broken pins and watches will pay off, too. By selling these old items, you’ll make room for new pieces that you’ll actually wear!

1.    When you bring your pieces in, we’ll test for diamond or gem quality and metal content.
2.    The authentication process includes a simple visual inspection, weighing and sizing.
3.    We’ll then test the metal using a special acid (it’s harmless to your jewelry) that determines the karat of gold. This ensures there are no false readings that could detract from your total payout.

After the jewelry has been tested, we may clean the item for you.

Our price for gold is based on market value, which we review frequently. If you have any additional information about your jewelry, such as appraisals or other documentation, please bring it with you when you come to sell your jewelry. Once you’ve sold your jewelry, you may be able to pay off an unexpected bill or even get closer to that getaway you’ve needed!
What is currently cluttering your jewelry box?


  1. 1 sell my gold 01 May
    Very informative post you got. Cheers!
  2. 2 Maria Zavada 01 Feb
    Well done Mr. Pearson, we taught you well in Indy.
  3. 3 Cyndy Andrews 24 Jan
    Nice blog, Chris.  See you in Palm Bay & Jacksonville!


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