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Because SuperMoms don’t always get to wear a cape!


By Tina, Market Manager

Although we may forget, Moms are human, too! Just like us, they have the same hours in the day, experience the same feelings and are faced with daily challenges. They’re just pros at making things look easy. Okay, they’re also equipped with superpowers in the fields of advice giving, seeking the bright side of every situation and being warmhearted.


This Mother’s Day is the perfect time to recognize just what your SuperMom deserves with some unexpected presents of mind...


Because you have so much to thank her for! Pick up a new edition of that favorite childhood book that she used to read you. Instead of a bookmark, use a new necklace or bracelet to mark your favorite page. If you’d rather give her a ring, simply tie it to the end of red ribbon as your bookmark. It’s nostalgic and you really can’t go wrong with jewelry.


Because she knows so many things you don’t, like the cure for hiccups or how to make you feel better when you have a cold. Time to bring her comfort in this techie age! Buy her an MP3 player and load it with her favorite tunes or, upload her computer with a screensaver of photos from a favorite family vacation. She may also enjoy a digital camera or a photo printer. That way she can document the special memories all on her own!


Because no one entertains, like Mom! Give her some items like a stereo or flat screen television, great for entertaining family and friends, or even gardening tools to keep the yard colorful and inviting for all to see!


Whatever gift you decide, this year, make Mother’s Day truly special by taking the opportunity to tell her just how much you appreciate everything she has done for you. You can never go wrong with a heartfelt thank you and a hug.


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