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I Am A Cash American

By Zenas Mitchell, Customer


My name is Zenas, and I’m a Cash American. That’s a fancy way of saying that I’m a loyal, long-time customer.


Zenas Mitchell, A Cash American



I volunteered to be a part of Cash America’s newest campaign about customers, and I’m so glad I did! Through the campaign—“I Am A Cash American”—I get to tell the world how this company has helped me in my times of need. I just hope what I have to share will put someone at ease. Quite simply, Cash America provides a comfort level for me. Watch my story, and you’ll see why!


I’m not the only customer who is sharing stories. Visit Cash America’s YouTube channel to see more testimonials from “Cash Americans” in the coming weeks. And you can share your story, too. Click here and post your testimonial on Cash America’s Facebook page.


  1. 1 selling gold 01 May
    Nice testimonial and really inspiring.
  2. 2 Della M 15 Mar
    What a great story!  It's a real testament to the service our industry provides.  I appreciate how the film shows the human side of the pawn loan business and not just the pawn shop "hype".
  3. 3 Jo Lynn Zamudio 12 Mar
    Very well done.  Bravo.


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