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Don’t Change that Channel!

By Hector, Market Manager

An antique cannon from Magnum P.I., a larger than life character nicknamed “The Old Man” and a show backdrop near the heart of the Vegas strip?  Seems like everyone is talking about Pawn Stars! This second highest-rated reality show has me excited about a new light being shone on our industry.

For thousands of years, the pawn industry has remained a relied upon and trusted source, yet its reputation in modern times often depicted dark alleyways and comic book-like characters. Today’s pawnshops have settled into neighborhoods and have become trusted places to do business. And thanks to reality TV, captive audiences everywhere get to see firsthand how the pawn process works and its family-oriented culture.

The fascinating stories you see on the show are entertaining, but aren’t always a true depiction of what we see every day in our shops. But, they keep DVRs running and inspire people to find treasures. The show has featured unique items, including sports’ memorabilia and 50s-era collectors’ toys. Even George Stephanopoulos made a cameo appearance and scored a first edition of “For Whom the Bell Tolls” by Ernest Hemingway. The expertise that goes into evaluating these sometimes museum-type pieces is incredible.

As the industry leader, people often ask us how we view Pawn Stars. In our opinion, it does a respectable job of displaying some of the core values that we pride in our own stores — a commitment to excellent customer service and a deep connection to communities. We welcome this fresh and fun take on our industry of trade, treasure and trust. So, regardless of its guilty-pleasure status, I’m staying tuned in!


  1. 1 Janet Long 09 May
    Very cute post!!
  2. 2 gold buyers 01 May
    The pawn industry has been a good friend to us in times of financial crisis..


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