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Cash America’s Secret to Success

By Dan Feehan, President and Chief Executive Officer

To be successful, I believe you need to find the right balance between your work and personal lives. I see this as a three-legged stool - work, personal and family-life. When one leg is shorter than the others, the stool is off-balance and not functional, but when all three legs are even the stool stands strong and stable.

Cash America’s coworkers help their children with homework, care for elderly parents, find time for their significant others and much more. By prioritizing our time and commitments, we achieve happiness in all areas of our life. The pleasure we glean from our work, family, religious beliefs, hobbies and activities blends into each other and our lives are more fulfilling as a result of it.

At Cash America, we take care of our employees and treat them with dignity, and in turn, they do the same for our customers. When our coworkers are able to achieve balance in all aspects of their lives we see it reflected in their attitudes and it shows every day in their dedication to our customers. When you come into one of our stores you are not a business transaction; you are a person with real needs and dreams and we strive to help you achieve all of your goals.

I invite you into one of our stores to experience our customer-friendly team firsthand. Get to know your local Cash America team and let them assist you during your time of need or just help you find something new to purchase. After all, you are part of our family and we appreciate your loyalty.


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