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Ghouls and Goblins Galore!

You have to admit Halloween is pretty awesome! It's an excuse to indulge in real-life fantasies like dressing up as Batman or truly believing that the calories in candy don't count for the day. It’s also the perfect excuse to hold a movie marathon, complete with friends and all the scary movies your heart can handle!

So, what should you add to your horror playlist? Here are a few classics that are always good picks:  

“Halloween™” – Now, how would this holiday be complete without a dose of Michael Myers? Most know the story of the masked man who walks slowly and carries a large knife but still seems to catch up to anyone running from him. Myers, having been institutionalized since childhood, escapes and wreaks havoc while his doctor chases after him.  

“The Shining” – It’s terrifying, but still a brilliant classic. That’s all the information you need. Also, you’ll never look at Jack Nicholson the same way again. 

“Friday the 13th™” – Like, “Halloween’s” Michael Myers, Jason is a quintessential figure in the world of horror movies. Jason stalks camp counselors and does a great deal of damage in the process. The simple sight of him would be enough to send us all running. 

Scary movies not your thing? That’s ok; there’s always plenty of pumpkins to be carved, pumpkin seeds to be roasted and boatloads of candy to hand out to neighborhood trick-or-treaters.

If you are running from zombies this Halloween though, seek shelter in one of our stores and pick up your favorite horror movies on DVD or Blu-Ray. 

Whatever your escape from reality, we hope you thoroughly enjoy your Halloween! 


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