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It's April Fools' Day!

Today is a good day to be leery of your friends, coworkers and family members — it’s April Fools’ Day! Perhaps it’s the day you choose to take off from work and lock yourself at home. This light-hearted day is one of the few times a year that corporate America has a great sense of humor!

Check out just a few of the top company-driven pranks from the past few years…

•Virgin® announces in 2011 that Sir Richard Branson decided to purchase Pluto and give it back planet status. The purchase price went undisclosed to the public.

•The same year popular website Hulu® promoted its newest television episodes to stream from 1996 shows like X-Files and NewsRadio.

•YouTube® redesigned its logo and advertised its most requested videos from a century ago. The company also added an option to view videos in silent formats.

•Conan O'Brien commandeered a social media site as the newly appointed CEO of Mashable.com.

•Rock Band makers, Harmonix® announced the game would be getting cards and dice in the next generation.

•The granddaddy of all pranksters, Google® has played a plethora of pranks. Their tomfoolery includes replacing their maps with an early Nintendo® interface. The joke giant also released a converter to switch your browsers default font to the ridiculous Comic Sans® script. It promoted hands-free technology with the release of Gmail Motion; using your webcam and patented spatial tracking it boasted a 12 percent productivity bump by allowing users to control Gmail® with their body.

The lesson to be learned? Be on high alert for high jinks today. But, if you find yourself out and about playing a prank on your friends, stop by a Cash America store to pick up some gear to help out — or an apology gift!


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