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Celebrities get Their Bling on with Emeralds

Emeralds are more than May’s birthstone; they’ve recently surged in popularity. Emeralds can add a luxurious touch to any outfit, whether you’re attending a red carpet event to a casual cocktail party.

Throughout the ages, emeralds have been favored for their deep green color and as a symbol of new growth, spring, renewal and regeneration.

Current celebrities have been seen wearing the stones at charity events and awards ceremonies. Actresses such as Angelina Jolie and Debra Messing have been spotted adorned with emeralds on the red carpet.

But this isn’t just a passing fad. Actress Elizabeth Taylor was famous for wearing emeralds during her long career as well.

In fact it is rumored that the Queen of Egypt, Cleopatra, loved the alluring gems when she ascended the throne. She even had her own emerald mines and was known to clothe herself in robes adorned with emeralds and sent visiting dignitaries home with gifts of loose emeralds.

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