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Red-hot Love for Rubies

By: Belinda Olive, Midwest Market Manager

What color would you naturally associate with love and passion? Obviously, it’s red; the color of the July birthstone, a ruby.

Red is also symbolic of blood and fire, and it is associated with warmth and vitality. Some ancient cultures believed that rubies were a good-luck charm and would ward off danger and disasteRubies are July's birthstoner. Legends describe warriors implanting rubies under their skin to ensure victory in battle.

In England, rubies are used for coronation rings and are still popular among royalty: Fergie, the Duchess of York, received a ruby engagement ring from Prince Andrew.

Rubies range in color from dark red with a tinge of brown to pale rose-pink, although the blood-red variety is usually the most valuable.

The red color is caused by the presence of chromium in the stone. Its name comes from ruber, the Latin word for red. The ruby is considered one of the four precious stones, along with sapphires, emeralds and diamonds.

Rubies are the scarcest precious stones and are found mainly in north-central Myanmar, Thailand and Sri Lanka — but you don’t need to travel to Asia to find the best rubies around.

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