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Pawnder This...

By: Louis Grau

Pawn lending is an industry that can trace its origins back thousands of years and continues to serve as a valuable and much-needed financial service to our community today.

Cash America helps you decide financial Wants versus NeedsPawn loans are collateral-backed loans where the item that you put into pawn (be it an iPad®, a power tool, a piece of jewelry or any other item of value) is used as security against the risk of default on lent money. Before pursuing a pawn loan, there are a few important questions that you should ask yourself:

The first is “Why do I need this loan?”
Asking this question forces you to think in terms of wants versus needs:  If you need the loan to cover an unexpected car repair cost, that’s a definite “need.” If you want some fast cash so you can buy the latest video game system, that’s a “want.” Take wants versus needs into consideration when choosing what to pawn and ensuring you can pay back your loan.

The second question is “What should I use to take a pawn loan?”
More isn’t necessarily better. A larger pawn balance means larger fees, so target an exact amount you need (or want!) when deciding what item you want to pawn. Determining exactly how much money is needed will help keep costs to a minimum.  

Lastly, ask yourself “Do I want a loan or do I want to sell?”
Do you plan on making payments for your pawned item, or are you simply looking to monetize an item you no longer need? If you aren’t strongly attached to what you pawn, you might be better off selling it outright.

Ask yourself these important questions to make informed financial decisions that keep more money in your pocket and help build a stronger community. 


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