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Hot summer? Grill out!

By: Jeff Trees

Try this tasty, healthy summertime menu the next time you grill out!Grill out this summer

Meat: Spicy Asian Chicken

Marinate boneless, skinless chicken breasts in a plastic zipper bag, covering them in a mixture of low-sodium soy sauce, salt, pepper, garlic, chili powder, and a dash of cayenne to taste. Cook the chicken all the way through, but don’t babysit it; grill marks are your friend!

Veggies: Crisp Squash and Zucchini

Cut yellow squash and zucchini into quarters, lay it on foil, and sprinkle it with salt, pepper, garlic, and onion powder. Squeeze a bit of fresh lemon and add a pat of butter (use unsalted butter to reduce sodium without losing flavor). Cash America's crisp-grilled yellow squash and zucchini

Take another foil sheet and lay it over the top of your veggies, folding the edges up until you have a nicely enclosed packet. Place the foil packet on the grill when the chicken is about halfway done for a perfectly timed meal!

Side: Tender Grilled Corn

Rub sheets of foil with unsalted butter, then add a light dash each of salt, pepper, and garlic. Roll the corn up in the foil, making sure to cover each end.

Place the corn rolls on the top rack of the grill, then move down to the lower racks to finish. Unlike boiled corn, the amount of time you cook doesn’t matter: the longer you cook, the more tender it becomes. Be sure to watch your foil for brown marks; they tell you if your heat is too high and you’re burning the corn. And be careful! The corn will be hot when you remove it from the foil.

Dessert: Three-minute Banana “Ice Cream”

For a delicious cold dessert that’s easier and healthier than banana bread, slice leftover bananas into half-inch pieces and freeze for two hours (or until frozen through). Blend the frozen pieces in a food processor for two minutes, scrape the sides and blend for another minute, then enjoy banana “ice cream” that tastes like the real thing but is actually good for you.


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