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December Birthstones: A Special Gift for a Special Person

By: Terry Pace, West Region Market Manager

People who have December birthdays may feel like their special day is lost among the holidays, but don’t let this happen to your December-born loved one: Buy him or her one of the December birthstones: tanzanite, zircon or turquoise. Cash America's tanzanite

Tanzanite ranges from lavender to pink, orange, and blue, but the more violet blue is its most prized color. Because of its rich blue color, Tanzanite is often purchased as an alternative to sapphire as it is less expensive. But Tanzanite is actually one of the rarest stones and is only found in one place: at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro. Local Masai people developed a rich folklore around the origins of of tanzanite .

Zircon stones are more common than tanzanite stones and are found in Thailand, Cash America's zirconCambodia and Vietnam. These stones have a wide variety of colors, such as blue, yellow, orange, brown, green, clear and red. Ancient folklore suggests the stone can protect travelers from disease and injury, prevent nightmares and alleviate pain.

Turquoise, one of the oldest known gemstones, gets its name from the French phrase Pierre tourques, or Turkish stone. Its shades vary from greenish blue to sky blue, and it can be transparent or opaque. Currently popular in fashion, this plentiful stone never goes out of style in the Southwest.

Cash America's turquoise jewelryFortunately, you don’t have to travel to base camp at Mount Kilimanjaro to find a December birthstone for someone special! Cash America has a wide variety of these stones at the best prices around. All of our gems are carefully evaluated for quality and we have the most popular settings in gold, white gold and platinum.

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