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Ring in 2014 with January’s Birthstone: the Garnet

By: Angela Ross

Garnets have been associated with many ancient traditions and legends as the "traveler’s gemstone": Noah from the Bible was thought to use a garnet lamp to light his way during the flood. It was also thought by ancient people to promote health as well as romantic love, passion, sensuality and intimacy.

Egyptians used garnets in their jewelry, and their lore references the stone as early as 3100 B.C. In medieval times, the stones were said to cure depression, prevent bad dreams and relieve diseases of the liver.

Victorians favored the gem for fashionable jewelry,  and royals were known to adorn themselves with copious amounts of the stones.

In more recent times, the stone symbolizes friendship and trust and is the perfect post-holiday gift for your special someone.

Is red not your color? The stone is not confined to its well-known deep red.  It is available in pink, purple, brown, black, colorless, yellow and orange. While some of the stones are mined all over the world, most are found in Africa, Sri Lanka, the Czech Republic and India.

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