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Classic Comeback

Whether you’re creating art with a camera or guitar, or making a statement with a handbag or piece of jewelry, retro holds priceless appeal and allows your brand of style to shine. If Cash America isn’t the first name you think of when it comes to affordable style, maybe you should reconsider: all kinds of jewelry, musical instruments and electronics can be yours, often for substantially less than retail prices — and all backed by our 30-Day Guarantee.

Each Cash America, SuperPawn, and Cashland Pawn Lite store has different retail offerings, and you may never know what you can find! If you’re a fashionista, a collector, or you want to invest in a new hobby, Cash America may offer more charm than anything on a big box store’s shelves today!

It’s probably no coincidence that Instagram’s most popular filters are vintage. While antique cameras are actually capable of producing even higher-quality images than modern cameras, you can also experience the sheer shutterbug bliss that ensues from winding the film in a vintage Nikon® or Leica® SLR. If digital is your medium, why pay more for the same name-brand product?

Classic instruments’ design elements are often duplicated on modern makes, but the material and sound quality just can’t be matched. Heirloom-quality watches stand the test of time for both serviceability and style; that’s why the elegant lines of a vintage Rolex® or Cartier® are so recognizable. The same goes for vintage handbags and jewelry.

Let’s face it: retro is really cool. So for this spring, try in with the old and out with the new! Not only does the past open a window to craftsmanship and innovation, but it looks super chic, too! Use our store locator to check out the Cash America stores near you, and don’t forget the Cash America eBay store and National Jewelry Liquidation Center, too.

By: Tina Jackson


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