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Recruiting the Recruits

Cash America proudly supports our nation’s military veterans — and recruits them. In 2016, we’re making a concerted effort to find veterans who are transitioning back to civilian life in order to utilize their skills in our shops.
Our recruiting team, alongside current Cash America managers who are also veterans, will attend four RecruitMilitary career fairs across the country this year, in Arizona, Ohio, and Texas. At the first career fair in Phoenix during late February, we made eight job offers on the spot, with more to come.
RecruitMilitary provides an opportunity to connect veterans with a large number of employers in one place at the same time. With three more career fairs to come before the end of May — in Columbus and Cincinnati, Ohio, and San Antonio, Texas — we’re excited about the opportunity to grow our Cash America family with those who’ve served America.  
With more than 820 shops in 20 states, there’s plenty of opportunity for veterans across the country to join the Cash America brands, which include SuperPawn in Arizona and Nevada, and Cashland in select Ohio and Indiana locations. Visit our careers page to learn more.
See below for testimonials from some of Cash America's veteran coworkers:
Kerry C., Shop Manager of Houston 65
The Marine Corps has given me the opportunity to serve my country with pride as well as develop skills that transfer directly to my responsibilities at Cash America. Core values like "honor, courage and commitment" lay the foundation for a successful tenure with my company. From communicating effectively with associates and customers, to managing our inventory and assets, Cash America encourages former military to employ skills acquired to grow our business and cultivate our talent.
Stace R., Assistant Shop Manager of Corpus Christi 1
In the Navy we are trained to follow orders, pay attention to detail, have an excellent work ethic, and to lead. My military training allowed me to become an Assistant Shop Manager with more opportunity for advancement. Cash America’s Core Values are very similar to the values we used in the service, which has made it easy for me to become comfortable working here. Joining the Cash America family was an excellent career move for me and can be for any veteran looking for a fun working environment with every opportunity for advancement.

Scott C., Shop Manager of Las Vegas 12
Service before self is universal in the Army and any other branch of the military; this concept is directly responsible for my work ethic and understanding that we need to put our customers and team members first, even if it means staying that extra hour. This ensures the success of the organization we serve. Meeting customer needs is our mission at Cash America, and believing in your organization's mission is half the battle.

Joi G., Pawnbroker at Savannah 3
Making the transition to Cash America was easy. They require some if not most of the same core values you must have to be a member of the armed forces. Striving for excellence is an important part of professionalism in any job. Cash America has taught me how to put quality in everything I do. They make me want to achieve the goals I have set for myself, and grow within the company. As I was a proud member of the military, I can say that I am equally as proud to call myself a Cash America coworker.
Chad G., Shop Manager in Belpre, Ohio
My MOS was 11Mike/Bravo (infantry dismount out of a Bradley) while I served in the U.S. Army.  The Army taught me discipline, integrity, and awareness. Being disciplined and aware helps me daily; I had to make decisions quickly in the military, and now I do the same at the loan counter.  The Army taught me integrity that we use each and every day at Cashland, waiting on our customers, letting them know that we care and are here to help them, and knowing they can trust us to get the job done quickly and professionally.
Garland H., Pawnbroker at San Antonio 14
I am 24 years old and have been employed at Cash America for a little over 16 months. I served in the U.S. Army for three years, including a tour in Afghanistan.
Initially, making the transition back to the civilian world had me nervous. I wasn’t quite sure what career field I wanted to get into. I got married the same month I got out of the Army and had just got my first apartment in Olympia, Washington. I got a pawn loan from Cash America, and during my transaction I mentioned I’d never been inside a pawnshop before and explained I had recently gotten out of the military. I asked Jeff, the manager, if he needed any extra help, and he told me how to fill out the application online. They called back the very next day!
In December 2015, my wife received orders to transfer duty stations to San Antonio. I let Jeff know and he quickly got started on getting me a transfer. I was able to start here at my current shop immediately. I’m now learning a lot from my new manager, Irma, who’s teaching me a lot about becoming a leader here in this company. I’ve had nothing but great experiences here at Cash America.


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