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What makes Cash America such a great place to work?

What makes Cash America such a great place to work? Let’s ask some of our folks who work with customers every day. Our team works diligently to make an impact in our communities and ensure customer satisfaction — and always while having fun.

Meet some of our high-energy and sales-driven professionals at our shop located at 2618 I-20W in Grand Prairie, Texas, who make Cash America so special:

Meet Crystal, Cash America Pawnbroker

Every customer who enters Cash America’s Grand Prairie location is sure to be greeted by a warm and radiant smile and a pleasant “Welcome to Cash America” from Crystal. Customers can always count on Crystal for superb customer service, positive energy, and great deals. However, Pawnbroking is more than just a job for Crystal: She considers herself part of a family that leverages her strengths, allows her to have fun, and supports her personal ambition to make a positive impact on others.

How long have you been with Cash America?
“It’s been a wonderful two years that I have been with Cash America, and it has been a great experience so far.”

What is a day in the life of a Cash America pawnbroker like?
“I get to meet someone new every day and help them with their financial needs.”

What do you enjoy the most about working for Cash America?
“There are a couple of things. I can’t choose just one! First, I love the value that Cash America places on its employees. We receive a lot of great benefits here. I also love being able to meet and interact with these great customers. Knowing that you’re helping someone and brightening up their day makes it fun to come to work and a positive work environment.”

What has your experience been like working for Cash America?
“Cash America has helped me develop in so many ways, both personally and professionally. I’ve gained confidence in my skills and abilities, work with a great team who I now consider family, and most importantly, I get the chance to help every customer who walks through our doors.”

Meet Casey, Cash America Shop Manager

Casey, a 10-year team member of Cash America, takes great pride in managing and motivating his staff as well as exceeding customer expectations by always improving their experiences in his shop. His entrepreneurial spirit allows him to implement strategies for the store, empower and energize his staff, and create a positive and fun working environment. According to Casey, Cash America helped him realize his full Shop Manager Casey (fourth from left) with his team.potential in leadership and gave him the perfect opportunity to touch the lives of both his staff and customers.

What is a day in the life of a Cash America manager?
“I am responsible for the general operations of the store. As a shop manager, I come in and create the schedule for the upcoming weeks, analyze sales and our goals, and then go onto the floor and help my staff. Most important, we have FUN here.”

What do you enjoy most about working for Cash America?

“I mostly enjoy the interaction that I have with my staff, team, and customers. Working at Cash America is 90 percent about building relationships. For example, most of our customers who come into our shop trust us, because they feel like a part of our family. I find a sense of comfort knowing that I have helped someone every day.”

What has your experience been like working for Cash America?
“As long as I can remember I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur, and Cash America gives me the opportunity to do so. Cash America allows you to be independent and grow. I am able to control what we take in, pricing it, and then selling it to ensure that customers receive quality products and services.  Cash America inspires me to be creative, help make a difference, and become a leader.”

By: Derrick Williams, PR and Corporate Communications Intern


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