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Getting to Know You: Cashland


Q&A with Market Manager, Belinda


Q. What would you tell someone about Cashland who is new to our business?

Newly remodeled
Cashland store

A. It can really be a one-stop shop for all your needs! I love that we have a variety of products to offer our customers from short-term loans to pre-paid debit cards to gold buying. We have started converting some of our cash advance stores to pawnshops—reselling the jewelry and small electronics that we take in. We are able to serve the needs of those who may have limited financial options. If your car breaks down and you need some money to get it fixed so you can get to work, you can come in and get a short term loan in amounts of $100-$1200. What bank will let you borrow that for a couple of weeks with a minimal fee? If someone doesn't have a checking account, they more than likely have a piece of jewelry or TV at home that they could also bring in to loan on. Pawn loans are month-long loans based on the value of the item. In this economy, with banks tightening credit, it is harder and harder to get these small amounts of credit.


Q. Explain the conversions to pawn and their progress.

Chamber welcomes Cashland
to the neighborhood

A. Last year, we converted 11 cash advance stores to accommodate pawn lending. It was so exciting! They went so well that this year we are converting another 25. We are a quarter of the way through those and will convert more next year. Basically, the store goes through a remodel to add a sales floor to display the merchandise. Customers can find great deals on jewelry, electronics, tools and much more!


Q. What is the overall sentiment about the conversions and new product offerings?

Jewelry, musical instruments
and much more

A. It took some getting used to, but every employee loves the conversions and better yet, we’ve seen new customers come through our doors. We offer layaway, which not many retailers offer. Our first Christmas season was so cool! It was great to see how our new products and services were able to help out our customers. In addition to our layaway program, we also offer a 30-day money back guarantee, so for someone who has never bought merchandise from a pawnshop, they can feel confident in their purchase.


Q. What has been your most rewarding experience with Cashland?

A. I have been with Cashland for seven years now so it's hard to narrow it down to just one. I can say though that my favorite experiences are when someone who has never used our services before can get what they need to help them with whatever it was that came up in their life. People are nervous because they don't know what to expect and I love that they leave feeling better. I hear all of the time, "Thank you so much for helping me!” As a market manager who oversees about 10 shops, I also love that I hire and work with some great people. I hope that they all can learn something from me and the company that they can use in life.


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