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Green Efforts: Paper or Plastic?

By Jeff Cullum, VP of Construction


The first thing I noticed when I went to work for Cash America was that the employees all looked so happy. The second thing I noticed was the company’s efforts to be environmentally friendly.

More companies are realizing that it’s in style to be green, but Cash America has been leading the way for years with measures at the corporate offices and in the field.

Cash America is constantly working to reduce waste and help our environment, all while improving process efficiency for our coworkers. We are dedicated to conducting business the green way and, over the years, have implemented several programs to support this effort, including a paperless invoice and billing system, and a paperless payroll program.

Our Construction Team has been actively implementing ways to save on fossil fuels with recent remodels and construction. Simple things like the motion switches placed in stockrooms, break rooms and restrooms use energy only when those areas are occupied. Higher seer HVAC (heating/air conditioning) systems lower shops’ energy bills and require less maintenance. Plus, our ceiling tiles are made from recycled newspaper, slat wall from recycled grocery bags, and plywood from reclaimed lumber cuttings.

Our corporate facilities are pulling their weight, too. In 2005, we began our recycling program that allows us to recycle about 21 tons of paper annually. And more recently, coworkers at our corporate office can recycle cans and bottles in every kitchen on every floor.

These efforts earned the Cash America building in Fort Worth, Texas, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s prestigious ENERGY STAR8.16.5 rating. This rating means that our building achieved superior energy performance and joined the top 25 percent of facilities in the nation for energy efficiency.

But our recycling efforts don’t end there. In our pawn shops the merchandise is recycled as well. The merchandise we sell has been refurbished and is sold to the public. Video games and playing devices are used as well as TVs, jewelry and other electronics. Because it’s used we offer great prices on merchandise. We also offer a 30-day guarantee, so you’ll know everything is in good working order!


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