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Celebrate Your Freedom!


By Marq, Market Manager


Kick off your 4th with a declaration of intent ... the intent to forge financial independence this year. The freedom to create your own future is about as American as you can get, right? But with balances abounding, wrecked portfolios and that safety net you need to rebuild, it’s a daunting task to plan ahead. Have no fear, when taken step-by-step the payoff is fireworks-worthy!


First, you need a plan of action. Try these 6 steps:


Step 1:

Write down where you are financially and where you want to be, i.e. I have 16k in credit card debt and ultimately, I want enough money to pay my monthly bills, zero balance on my cards and take a family vacation.


Step 2:

Now, create a time frame in which you want to reach these goals. Determine what needs to happen first, and then set short-term goals in the interim. Reaching those small goals will keep you motivated toward the grand finale!


Step 3:

Remember, you must know where your money is going to change the outflow.  Write down a plan and create a monthly spreadsheet of expenses. Where can you reallocate into savings or paying down debt? Also on your spreadsheet, make note of all the interest rates on your outstanding credit cards.


Step 4:

Don't sweat the basics! You have two kids in school, an aging family member and a fridge on its last legs. The goal is to free yourself from fiscal pain, not beat yourself up.    Put your finances on track and commit yourself to financial success, you will feel relieved in the long run.


Step 5:

True independence is balancing your present-day needs and tomorrow’s wants! A big part of financial freedom is accepting that the unexpected in life is certainly to be expected. Your emergency fund should constitute 6 months of living expenses for your family.


Step 6:

Now that you’re on the path to recovering today, take time to look toward saving money through either a bank or credit union savings account, a pre-paid debit card savings account or possibly look toward contributing  to personal or company provided retirement plans.


Financial freedom can be liberating, so start today!


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