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Meet the Market: Seattle


Cash America Blog Seattle Washington

When Seattle, Washington comes to mind, you may think of characteristics such as rain, overcast skies, the Space Needle or even your favorite Starbucks drink since the famous coffee shop started in the “Emerald City.” Surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, mountains and forests, Seattle represents the best of both worlds— the beauty of nature along with the attitude of an urban center.


Cash America is proud to be present in the Pacific Northwest in great cities such as Seattle. Our SuperPawn stores have been good neighbors to communities in the greater Seattle area for years. And when it came to talk of expanding, we didn’t think twice about acquiring 29 new Pawn X-change stores in the region last year to better serve Washington’s residents.


Cash America Blog Seattle Washington

Although Seattle is a unique place, the philosophy practiced in the region’s shops mirror the exact same world-class service that all other Cash America stores offer throughout the country. We always strive to find better ways serve our customers. What is so distinctive about our Seattle shops is that they pawn and sell more musical instruments than in other areas due to the city’s rich musical heritage. Rock sensations such as Nirvana and Pearl Jam both began their careers in Seattle. It’s known to many as “the “birth place of grunge rock,” so it is no surprise that several aspiring musicians have made this city their home.


The landscape, musical orientation, and wonderful attitude make Seattle an excellent city and Cash America is pleased to extend a helping hand to its residents.


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