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Our Customers

 By Operal, Market Manager


Cash America Our Customer

At Cash America, we know our story. We tell it every day. But our customers tell it best. And like most good stories, we relish in happy endings. Nothing is more gratifying than to hear, in our customers’ own words, just how Cash America has helped them.

What Our Customers Say…


“These loans are extremely important to me….there is no way I could get a bank loan. And with no friends or family to help me, I would have been evicted from my apartment.” –Theresa B., Texas


“I don’t mind paying fees on a short-term loan. It is usually smaller than late fees elsewhere. – John S., Utah

Cash America Customer Service
Payday Advance


“I’m a customer of Cash America…finding someone to help in this recession is a blessing. The money has helped me in the hard times since I retired.” – Laura B., Illinois


"I have been a customer of Payday Advance for a while now and they have saved me on a number of occasions. My carpet was flooded and [they] helped me clean up my house. When a relative passed away, I borrowed money to attend the funeral. If Payday Advance hadn't been there, I would have been out of luck.” – Nathan M., Texas


Cash America Customer Service
“Payday loans have helped my family when we have been in a tight spot. We have no wealthy family members to ask for assistance.” – Mary C., Missouri


Our company was built on the foundation of serving people. It’s the reason we open our doors every day. We listen to our customers and we’re there when they need us.


How has Cash America helped you? Do you have a story? Tell us about it. We’d love to hear it!







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