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Saving Made Easy


Saving, in times like these, may seem impossible. We are so focused on getting through today that we’re unable to see how important it is to save for tomorrow. Although saving can be challenging when under financial stress, there are a few small ways to save that can have a big impact on your budget. In honor of National Financial Literacy Month, try a few of these saving tips and track your results!


Shop and Save

Before heading to the grocery store, make a list, gather coupons and eat something. It is easy to overspend at the grocery store if you go on an empty stomach and without a clear list of what you need. Also, try to choose the generic items over the ever-popular name brands. It’s a simple choice that pays off at the checkout counter!


Go Green and Save

Be eco-friendly while being eco-nomically savvy. Turn off the lights and TV when you leave the room and adjust the thermostat to a reasonable temperature on your way out of the house.  Regulate your water usage by taking shorter showers and increasing the amount of clothes in each laundry load. These are small changes that can equal big savings if done on a daily basis.


Ride and Save

With oil prices on the rise, drivers are spending their cash every time they hit the gas. Consider carpooling with a coworker or using public transportation a couple of times a week to decrease the miles put on your car and increase your savings.


Dine In and Save

Although daily lunching with coworkers is a great way to network, you can easily spend a small fortune by dining out five days a week. Instead of restaurant hopping Monday through Friday, brown-bag it two or three times a week and save your hard-earned cash. Eating out will then be a treat instead of an expensive routine.


Setting financial goals is important and saving is the key to reaching them. You are in control of your financial well-being and by making a few simple lifestyle changes you can save your way to financial success.


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