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National Jewelry Liquidation Center


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The Art of Selection: What Our Shops Take


When you walk into any of our pawnshops, you’ll immediately see a variety of items that are featured in the stores.  Electronics, jewelry, tools, musical instruments, and DVDs make up the bulk of what is sold in the shops, but what exactly will our stores accept as collateral for a pawn loan?


From autographed World Series jerseys to aquariums, our pawnbrokers will take almost anything of value from loyal customers who are truly in need and have built up a solid history with the company. We see a lot of unique items come through the store, —even a piece for a rocket engine—and that is exactly what makes the pawn industry so exciting. Every day is like a box of chocolates for our pawnbrokers, they never know what they’re going to get! Customers are always returning to our shops looking for interesting treasures that they may not find at other retailers. The beauty of our company is that we are able to take in unique objects so that our customers are able to receive the financial help they need.


While it’s true that our shops are stocked with a variety of interesting items, you will not find us knowingly accepting or selling stolen goods. We make it our top priority to make sure that our customers are selling with integrity and buying with confidence. We have the tools and processes in place to test all incoming items and, of course, everything we sell comes with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.


A pawnshop can be a retail treasure chest! Head to one of our nearest shops to see what you can find!


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